Rock On Launches New 30ct Supply for Popular Lines

By on August 26, 2016

LOS ANGELES, – Rock On®, the award-winning couples sexual enhancement brand, has expanded its bestselling range with the addition of a new 30 count on-demand supply option for PASSION Pills for Her and METAL ROCK Pills for him.

The sexual vitality-boosting pills from the trusted Rock On brand have gained popularity in adult stores in a single-dose hang-tab option with consumers demanding for a larger supply. Rock On has responded with the introduction of a new 30-count bottle that is designed to provide that libido boost and increased stimulation as the need arises.

Featuring a new look, formula and new retailing options that both tells and sells the story, Rock On is pleased to re-introduce its popular female enhancement supplement Rock On Passion for Her as an accompaniment to Rock On “Metal Rock” Pills for Him.

Rock On Passion & Metal Rock joins the Rock Life Naturally family of holistic products, bringing consumers a safe, fast-acting sexual enhancer from a trusted brand, now in more convenient display for retailers and customers alike.

“The Rock On line has always been known as a cohesive couples line for upscale adult stores offering premium packaging, presentation and most importantly a line that couples can feel comfortable buying together. ” ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Rock On ‘Passion’ features a look and feel that a female consumer can feel comfortable buying either by herself or with her man.

Rock On Passion Sexual Enhancement for Her features a specially formulated natural blend to help put her in a sexual state of mind, optimize the senses increase in sexual desire, libido and sensation then Rock On with Passion!

Rock On’s Male counter is the popular Metal Rock Sexual Enhancement for Him, a specially formulated for optimal male performance.

The new Rock On Passion for Her and Rock On “Metal Rock” Pills for Him pills feature a premium feel, and come in retail friendly 30ct bottles that can fit into current Rock’n Rack Displays to optimize sales and maximize space.

The Rock On line is taking a different approach to the sexual enhancement category with a unique “Recreational Enhancement” attitude designed to get the party started and keep it going. Let’s face it — 10 years ago when “male enhancement” products became popular it was for (shhh) erectile dysfunction. Rock On is now putting the “fun” in functional enhancement supplements. Rock On offers a cool, new, natural way to enhance today’s active lifestyle with a full line to boost sexual energy for him and her, recover from a hangover and DO IT for focus and energy. Make your fun times Rock On and and Rock Life!

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