ROCK’N Products Expands From Sex to Smoking Supplies

By on March 31, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, – ROCK’N Products is proud to announce it is now a full-service wholesale distributor of smoke-related products specializing in the adult retail industry.

ROCK’N Products has built its brand based on the attitude to Rock Life, every moment of it. It’s a a rock’n roll attitude that is sex, supplements (now drugs) and rock’n roll. The Rock Life naturally mantra of improving all aspects of your life from the inside out with all-natural supplements to enhance sexual performance to fitness, brain performance and even how you party. With attitudes shifting towards the acceptance of recreational marijuana across the country, ROCK’N Products is making a natural progression into the smoking products arena to bring its fans the very best the market has to offer in the new expanding market.

ROCK’N Products is offering the smoke industry’s best brands and highly desirable products at competitive prices. Special packaging is designed for adult shops that want to take advantage of the growing market of smoke accessories, cannabis legalization and vaping and want to start with the basics or the best. Savvy adult retailers have been carrying smoke-related products for years and know it is a great way to engage more foot traffic for other products and increase current sales by adding a profit center.

ROCK’N Products is getting geared up for the “420” new smoke holiday celebrated on April 20th . Helping adult stores to take advantage of this new opportunity with sex shaped bowls bongs and smoking devices.
Like in any industry, finding the best products that will sell is key. ROCK’N Products has put packages and deals together featuring the top-performing brands and new exclusive brands.

“We have an intro package for stores that want to dip their toes in the growing marketplace for smoking products,” ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Adult entertainment covers a wide variety of items and adult shops should represent that as well. We included some really great deals on some of the basics as well as some of the newest and hottest, never-before-seen items.”

ROCK’N Products will offer a wide range of attractive glass, vaporizers, torches, papers, pipes and more. “We have hand-picked the sexiest styles of glass and sleek smoking products to be a natural fit for any adult store,” Caggiano said.

ROCK’N Products has made exclusive deals and partnerships with top major manufacturers and distributors to offer all of the most popular brands in a wide range of products. ROCK’N Products also will introduce a selection of new and exclusive products and brands that are unlike anything currently on the market.

“We have spent a great deal of time finding the next ‘rock stars’ in glass, vape and patented vape pen technology,” Caggiano said. “We have also landed deals with the most popular supplements on the market to stock only the latest and greatest.”

ROCK’N Products its Rock On brands have always been about promoting a fun attitude towards sex, supplements and a vibrant lifestyle. Rock On will be expanding its line-up of shot drinks and pills with new additions for consumers to Rock Life. Rock On takes a natural approach with a wide variety of supplements to enhance brain support, fitness and body cleanse, detox and hangover defense. The new expanding Rock Life line will soon be announcing that it will taking “natural” supplements even a step further in the coming year.

Rockn products is best know as the award winning male and female sexual enhancement line and expanded the party to include Rock Out hangover shots, and a whole line of natural supplements to help partygoers live, rock and recover. Check out the rest of the expanding Rock On line at

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