Rock On Supplements Launches ‘We Rock Two-Gether’ Couples’ Contest

By on May 20, 2015
Rock On Supplements

LOS ANGELES – Rock On is pleased to announce the “We Rock Two-Gether” Contest, inviting couples to tell us why they “Rock” for an opportunity to win top prizes, including a value-packed Rock On gift basket. Retailers and distributors can also get in on the action for an opportunity to receive discounts and promotions.

“It takes two to tango” is how the old saying goes. In this day and age of amazing sex toys and a barrage of sexy imagery, nothing is –nor will ever be — as hot as when two people experience that uncontrollable chemistry of sexy fireworks. Couples shopping aren’t just looking for the next “it” toy — they want to find something that helps create that elusive spark naturally between them recreate it over and over again.

Rock On is about rocking that special time together and taking couples to exciting new heights of sexual chemistry. As the premium brand that’s reshaping the sexual enhancement landscape with the only formula that boosts mental, physical and sexual wellbeing, Rock On excites, stimulates, titillates and energizes.

The “We Rock Two-Gether” campaign is calling on consumers to talk about what makes them Rock as a Couple both in and out of the sheets. Retailers are invited to participate in the Rock On movement to boost customer satisfaction with the help of Rock On supplements and shot drinks. Regardless of a customer’s purchase, Rock On has the ability to maximize the experience.

“Participating retailers will see that this dialogue with their customers will allow the staff to truly assist in maximizing their adult shopping experience, leading to higher satisfaction and sales.” Rock On President Keith Caggiano said. “The ‘We Rock Two-Gether’ contest is a great way to remind couples that amazing sex starts from within.”

Couples are encouraged to go to the “Why We Rock!” page at and tell us why they rock as a couple for an opportunity to win awesome prizes.

Rock On is offering a special for retailers for the promotion and is offering a 10% discount on the second gender of products for an additional 5% off total.

Rock On supplements feature the most complete and potent herbal formula offering vitamins, electrolytes, energy and “nutra-boosts” such as testosterone optimizing for males and female mood enhancing ingredients for maximum benefits.

With male and female-specific formulas available as single-dose Rock On Pre-formance Capsules, 30-capsule Rock On Daily bottles and Rock’n Shot drinks, Rock On has been dubbed a sex sports drink/supplement for its incredible ability to replenish electrolytes and promote the feeling of optimal mental, physical and sexual wellbeing. Much like the physical demand of your favorite sport, sex takes a lot of energy and stamina to achieve all-star status.

Retailers can get their sales rocking with great in-store promo ideas. Rock On offers a range exciting and informative display options. These items include the “Rock’nRack” “I Rock Daily” shirts, foam Rock On hands, mini-booklets, POP displays, laminated ingredients cards, posters, stickers, buttons as well as essential information to train staff on the benefits of the line.

To learn more about the new Rock On sexual vitality line visit

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