Rocks-Off Introduces iBalls

By on April 1, 2015
Rocks Off iBalls

Rocks-Off introduces their newest, revolutionary product the iBalls.

The iBalls uses Rocks-Offs own-patented technology incorporating two micro kinetic generators (one in each ball) to creat never before seen ©Kegel Power.

Made of high-grade, platinum silicone the iBalls are waterproof, submersible and easy to clean.

With the new “touch sensor technology, just plug in your iPone, insert the kegel balls and begin to squeeze them with your PC muscles. The charging symbol on the iPhone will be lit to show power from the balls is being received.

“Women are tired of doing kegel exercises and and only getting the result of having stronger PC muscles” says Rocks-Off Sales Director Andrea Duffy. “Now they can use the extra time and energy spent to power their iPhone”. “The average user will save electricity and be able to charge their iPhone anywhere.” “It’s amazing!”

Currently it is only for use with iPhone 5 and above and charging time may vary with users strength. Use with iPads is discouraged do to causing extreme fatigue.

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