Scott Taylor- CEO – Taylor Made Enterprises

By on August 21, 2019

I have been in the adult industry for about 30 years. I was a long hair musician and had a hard time finding a job so I started selling VHS and Beta videos over the phone to stores. I started my first company in the late 80’s. New Sensations was started in 1993.

A typical day
These days are a bit slower than when I started. I worked 12 hours a day for years. Now, I go to the gym in the morning and then go to work. I oversee multiple companies, so I field a lot of questions, problems, etc. all day.

The most significant influence in my working career
My mother. She was an amazing woman that excelled at everything she did. She was always driven to be the best she could be. I can’t keep up with that legacy but it serves as inspiration.

I’m most proud of
Some of the amazing people that work for me. I have some of the best people in the industry working for me now and have a long history of other greats that have passed through these doors.

One of the most memorable moments
It’s a constant joy for me to watch people become successful. The money is nice but I am driven by success and the joy it brings to everyone who works hard to achieve it. There is often success found in failure. It’s a matter of how you view it.

Last book I read
Dresden Files Skin Game. Coolest series ever.

Favourite movie/TV show
Too hard to decide a favorite but one of:
Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Game Of Thrones

What I wanted to be
A rock star. I moved to Los Angeles in the 80’s to be a heavy metal drummer. Some of the funniest years of my life were spent doing that. I am still growing up. My body ages but my brain still thinks I am a much wiser 25 year old.

What would most people not know
Depends on how well you know me. If you know me then you would know I am an open book. If you don’t then you might be surprised by a lot of things lol. I am very empathic and spiritual.

My favourite place
Pacific Northwest – Washington/Oregon. Its magical. At one point, Los Angeles had everything I wanted. Now I want a peaceful life and that is where I find it.

When I’m not working I’d rather be
I’m always working so I don’t know lol. I like to golf and play drums. I have taken to hiking now as well. I also enjoy being with family and friends at all times.

What I like best about my job
The opportunity to be successful. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told I can’t do something or not that way or it won’t work. I like finding new ways and new ideas. I am a creative person by nature so innovating is exciting to me. So far so good.

If I could change one thing
I believe that everything that has happened has gone towards making me into who I am. Sure I wish that there would have been an easier and less stressful path, but would the end result be the same. Adversity, in whatever form, builds character. I wouldn’t change a thing because I would not know how it would affect the outcome.

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