Sexy Cosplay at SEXPO™ Sydney 2016 a Massive Success

By on May 30, 2016

SEXPO™, the world’s No. 1 consumer exhibition for the adult industry, launched the inaugural sexy cosplay competition in Sydney from May 12-15, 2016.

With over 100 applicants received in the pre-screening process, 28 were selected to participate in four heats over two days. Each finalist received a showbag worth $250, and each heat winner received an additional $500 cash. The four heat winners participated in the grand final held on the final Sunday of the event and represented four very diverse cosplayers. It was a burlesque style rendition of Harley Quinn taking out the first prize of $1500 cash, plus an all-expenses paid trip to SEXPO™ Melbourne to co-host the next competition.

Hailed as the biggest cash prize for cosplay in Australia’s history by, the competition has since generated world-wide recognition for giving cosplayers with a certain risqué style to their costumes, a place to feel at home.

According to one of the grand finalists “…I HIGHLY recommend attending if you’ve been wanting to try that one sexy costume you’ve been hiding for fear of being judged. NOBODY judges you at SEXPO™; you can be who you want to be worry free…”

Noting the overwhelming success of the competition, SEXPO™ South Africa, due to be held from October 27-30 has indicated it will be incorporating a cosplay competition into their show. According to the SEXPO™ South Africa Event MD Sean Newman “…after the hype created around the Australian show we have been inundated with requests for the same to be held out here in South Africa. As proud members of the SEXPO™ group we are ecstatic too announce that we will be holding a competition based on the one held in Australia at our show in October. We feel it is a great new element to an already fabulous concept and brand and couldn’t be happier to carry the flag this side of the world.”

SEXPO™ Australia Event Manager and architect behind the competition, Bentleigh Gibson says, “enthusiasts of all types of cosplay should have a safe and comfortable avenue through which they can explore and promote their passion. SEXPO™ is simply providing this channel, and at the same time rewarding those who go that extra mile
with their choice of outfit.”

Interested applicants for SEXPO™ cosplay South Africa 2016 should go to Details for SEXPO™ cosplay Melbourne 2016 will be released shortly at

Meanwhile, SEXPO™ Sydney overall was a huge success; some highlights include:

  • 25,000 + attendees
  • 150 + exhibitors
  • 40 live stage acts over 4 days
  • A more diverse selection of Seminar Room speakers A more diverse array of exhibitors outside of the adult industry (including health
    and lifestyle)
  • Heavier investment in social media and advertising The development of strategic alliances with industry interest and community
  • High patronage of the SEXPO™ lounges First Pride lounge to be hosted at a SEXPO™
  • The first time SEXPO™ hosted the Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza (MBE) in the Fetish Room with 1200+ attendees

The next SEXPO™ will be held in Melbourne from November 24-27 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The theme for this event is still being finalized however the organisers can confirm that a glimpse of what the next 20 years may look like for the adult industry will be among the key attractions.

In spite of its catchy name, SEXPO™ is not just an exhibition about sex…it is about health, sexuality and adult lifestyles.

Exhibitor stands include (but are not limited to) aviation, wine tasting, marine sports, electronic home entertainment systems, holiday resorts, spa pools, hair and make-up artists, physical fitness equipment, chiropractors, photographers and more. And, of course, the event still promotes the kind of products and services that one would expect to find at an exhibition called SEXPO™!

Apart from the exhibitor stands, there is a stage with rock concert lighting and audio which is the backdrop for a variety of entertaining performances. Popular international celebrities and stage acts include the world famous ‘penile artist’ Pricasso (who uses his penis as a brush to paint surprisingly good portraits – really!), as well as numerous local and international adult stars. There will also be hilarious crowd participation shows, fashion parades, pole-dancing classes and free giveaways.

Since its debut in 1996, SEXPO™ has attracted over two and a half million visitors. SEXPO™ was founded in Australia in 1996 originally as a forum to allow women and couples to experience all the adult industry has to offer, in a safe and friendly environment. In 2006 the first international licensing agreement was signed and the inaugural South African event held in 2007.

An instant success, these events produced several million Australian dollars of income over 3 years before being on-sold by the South African licensee for more than AU$2,000,000 in 2010. It continues to expand under the new licensee. Sexpo was exported to London in 2015 to rave reviews.

We specifically invite people who have never been to SEXPO™, thinking it is just a big “sex show”, to come along and be pleasantly surprised by the fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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