Share Satisfaction Launches Glass Sex Toy Range, Lucent

By on March 22, 2022

New Zealand sexual wellness brand Share Satisfaction has launched a range of glass and crystal sex toys under its newest sub-brand Lucent, to cater to increasing demand for glass sex toys in New Zealand and beyond.

The New Zealand sex toy market is worth approximately NZ$30 million per year, and sales of glass sex toys have increased by 47.59% since 2020, according to data from Wholesale Solutions, Australasia’s largest distributor of adult products and the creator of the Share Satisfaction brand.

The Lucent collection contains 30 gender neutral sex toys made from borosilicate glass and crystal that can be warmed up or cooled down for experimenting with temperature play. Due to the materials used, Lucent products are a more environmentally friendly option, are 100% body-safe and built to last a lifetime.

Taslim Parsons, Share Satisfaction’s Business and Product Development Manager, said the range was created due to a gap in the market for beautiful, affordable, high-quality glass sex toys in New Zealand.

“Glass toys are growing in popularity because their firmness is perfect for internal massage, and they can be warmed up or cooled down before use to experiment with temperature play. They’ll last a lifetime if you look after them, making them a more sustainable option.”

Taslim said that while sex toy beginners may gravitate towards sex toys that pulsate, wiggle or vibrate, glass sex toys are the ‘acoustic’ version of sex toys suited for people who are looking to try something different.

“Lucent products are suited for people who are on a pleasure journey. They are pleasure seekers of any gender who are looking to try something new and are wondering what more there is to explore. They know their body well and what they like, and willing to get back to basics and explore the sensations that temperature play and rigid, non-vibrating toys can offer,” Taslim explained. Lucent glass and crystal sex toys are available at leading adult retailers in Australasia and from mainstream retailers that stock Share Satisfaction products.

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