Shots Awarded Company of the Year Award by EAN Erotix and SIGN Magazine!

By on October 23, 2015

Months of preparation, tons of sweat and hundreds of hours of designing, that’s what it took to make the last Erofame Trade Show our best one yet! Because of our 20th anniversary and also the very successful opening of Shots America LLC, we wanted this to be a show that everybody would remember. And we think we did succeed at it!

At the beginning of the year we had a brainstorm session and we came up with a shortlist. The booth had to be an absolute eye-catcher and we had to introduce tons of new brands and products! The idea came to create an amazing stand of 200 square meters (2150 square feet) with eight consulting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen for our own catering and loads of space to present all our new products and brands. All this had to be established without losing that homely and cozy feeling we are known for. The decision was made to build an old-style replica warehouse with the interior furnished like a New-York loft. And then it was also time to start thinking about all the new products we were going to release.

With the booth sorted it was time to start thinking about surprising our loyal customers with new concepts and products. Our design department started to make even longer hours than they usually do and they came up with many new and divergent ideas, assuring that we could present our new vision to the world. This vision is to create a completely new and innovative assortment that has been designed and manufactured in-house and comes in a one-of-a-kind packaging. The final result was more than 300 new sku’s and five completely new brands!

The first brand our designers came up with was VIVE, a completely new line of luxury massagers and vibrators designed with some unique features and extraordinary shapes. All of them are manufactured with a new kind of silicone and come with a variation of different features. One of them has the possibility to twist 180 degrees making it into a “Z”-shape. There is also a massager equipped with very soft cushions ensuring comfortable pulsations and relaxed patterns. The VIVE vibrating eggs can be operated through the VIVE-app making it possible to create your own vibration patterns on your mobile phone or tablet. We were on a roll and came up with the new brand SONO. Especially designed for men, it features an assortment of cockrings, penis sleeves and butt plugs. They are presented in a rough and manly packaging looking great when they are presented as a stylish unity in a store.

Our ideas kept on flowing and we came up with the concept of presenting and selling lubricants in a totally new way. Our LUBE BAR is an unprecedented design allowing customers to mix their favorite flavored and eco-friendly lubricants in the store. They can even mix the tasty lubricants with hot or cold lubricants, giving it some extra sensation! This system is a really great experience for the customer and will surely boost the turnover on lubricants in a store, given the big margins on these products.

Our well-known brands like SHOTS TOYS, OUCH!, TOUCHÉ, REALROCK, BOOM and PHARMQUESTS also released several new products. For instance OUCH! came with a selection of extreme hoods and a complete Brown Collection, while REALROCK released two sub brands called REALROCK EXTREME and REALROCK TRANSPARENT. Our S-LINE brand lifted a little corner of the veil from their new 2.0 and 3D-Dolls.
With Shots now distributing almost all mayor brands in the world we displayed merely all new products from DOC JOHNSON, PIPEDREAM, NS NOVELTIES, EVOLVED, TENGA, FLESHLIGHT and BATHMATE. And as a finishing touch we introduced ourselves as the new European distributor for WICKED SENSUAL CARE and SPORTSHEETS.

With our own building team, consisting of 7 Shots staff members, 2 large trailers loaded to the brim and 2 long working days, the job was cleared and our brand new booth was ready to be inaugurated! It was time to bring in the sales force and they were surely ready to rumble! With five account managers from Shots Europe, Oscar and Ellinda Heijnen (the owner and his wife), Ruben Deitz (the CEO of Shots America LLC) and the catering team we were in full force, making sure that our customers wouldn´t want for anything.

Being very proud of our 20th anniversary we handed out beautiful SHOTS USB drives, containing all our catalogues and because we are always game for a laugh at Shots, we handed out special Shots Lederhosen and Schnapps Shots for the Erofame Oktoberfest party that was organized on the second day. It surely was a fantastic party especially with all those people in our Lederhosen!

Countless compliments have come our way with regards to the new booth and all our new products. Over the past 20 years we have worked our fingers to the bones to get where we are now and we think it has paid off. At the Erofame we have received 3 great awards! SIGN Magazine and EAN Erotix awarded us with the title COMPANY OF THE YEAR and EAN Erotix gave us the award for BEST BRAND ASSORTED. We see these awards as a recognition and appreciation of what we have accomplished so far and also an inspiration to keep on doing what we are good at. We love our loyal customers and fans and want to thank them for all the support over the years. Because of them we can continue to do what we love most: creating millions of happy moments all over the world!

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