Sir Richard’s Gives a Special Preview of New Brand Direction at Xbiz Miami

By on June 8, 2016

San Francisco, CA, – Since 2009 Sir Richard’s Condom Company, has shaken up the staid condom industry by introducing premium, all-natural latex condoms, free of chemicals and harsh ingredients, which are frequently found in the majority of the condom on the market. Last week at the XBiz Miami conference Sir Richard’s gave industry buyers a special preview of the new direction of the company, which includes an expansion into a complete line of premium, “below the belt” products for men.

Sir Richard’s has already garnered a strong brand following within the industry, and retailers and buyers were ecstatic to see the new line extension products, which target an underserved category within the space. The response to the new products was one of great enthusiasm and buyers instantly recognized the potential of the new products.

“At this event we were blown away by retailers’ excitement and the amazing response to our new Sir Richard’s introductions,” stated Robert Rheaume, President of Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s. “The team put a lot of thought and work into creating unique products within this space and we are already seeing retailers anxious to get their hands on the new items.”

The new products build upon the modern, premium approach to men’s sexual health products. The complete line is presented in colorful, modern packaging with wit, humor and personality that defines the brand. The new lines include three new ELEMENT toys, which are advanced pleasure products for men and the KINK line of restraints and S&M accessories. Also being introduced is the new Slick Dick’s line of consumables with products like Sugar Crotch Flavored Wipes, Numb Bum Anal Desensitizing Wipes, and Better Than Spit lubricant.

The complete line will debut at the ANME show in July. For more on Sir Richard’s Condom Company please visit

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