Sleek, Portable MIMIC is the Ideal Pleasure Product for a Woman on the Move

By on June 7, 2017

It’s easy to fall in love with a sex toy, especially the versatile MIMIC vibrator, which takes personal gadgetry to the next level with its high-performance, discreet design and easy portability for the MIMIC-addicted.

What happens when a Woman’s Best-Kept Secret comes to light? Here are FIVE PERFECT places to bring your MIMIC that offer a full explanation if anyone catches your good vibes…

1. THE OFFICE – it fits in your hand just like that little mouse you toggle from screen to screen with! MIMIC is whisper-quiet, charges in any USB port and will help ease those office white noises you’ve grown so comfortable with.

2. THE FLORIST – MIMIC’s fluid manta ray-like design blends in perfectly while you’re treating yourself or someone you love to beautiful flowers. Work your way through MIMIC’S 6 speeds as you throw in a teddy bear and some chocolates… any day can be your own personal erotic getaway!

3. THE PET STORE – MIMIC helps distract from the smell of cedar chips while you shop for dog food or cat litter, and will only look like one of the many chew toys or aquatic friends on sale – just keep it away from hungry pups!

4. THE YOGA STUDIO – in lilac, seafoam, or black, the waterproof MIMIC is right at home alongside yoga mats and sweaty bodies. It’s better than the blocks they give you and will help you reach new levels… in your practice?

5. THE NAIL SALON – MIMIC’S velvety silicone and cool hues will not only inspire your next manicure but make any chair a massage chair with eight unique vibration patterns.

We should be clear that these are not the only places the MIMIC will be a delightfully stealthy travel companion; it also features a convenient travel lock, for sleek transit to sporting events, doctor visits, the mechanic, furniture and car shopping, dance lessons, Thanksgiving dinner, team building seminars, your best friend’s wedding or that party that you were kind of on the fence about and then your friend maybe pressured you into…

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