Sportsheets Celebrates 2017 eroFame Success

By on October 31, 2017

The Sportsheets team returned to the States after another successful eroFame tradeshow and a box full of orders. The Sex In The Shower collection with its new products and repackaged look and the new selection of Crops stole the show as European retailers and buyers flocked to see the new additions. The new crops were so well received and sold in such volume that we have sold our warehouse bare of one order and the incoming shipment, said Sales Specialist Sylvia Lopez. .

Sportsheets’ staff, helmed by President Julie Stewart, took an influx of orders for all the Sportsheets brands must-haves and handled record sales of Sportsheets Premium BDSM and positioning tools and one-of-a-kind Sex In the Shower bath-friendly sex toys. Each brand was showcased in pre-designed plan-o-grams that make it fast and easy for retailers around the world to communicate their messages through the language of love – and fantasy! The huge response to our new crops in Burbank and here in Hannover has been both a little shocking and yet totally anticipated. They are of such high quality and our Dragon Strike is a bit Game of Thrones-ish. Everybody loves that one – it’s really cool”, stated Stewart.

“We’ve seen such success with all our brands and fantasy items in Europe and Sportsheets Stewart said. “It’s always a pleasure coming to Hannover and seeing our old friends and we also have the opportunity to meet new ones. We have cultivated new relationships here that go well beyond business – they will last a very long time. It’s all about relationships and connection for us.”

“Sportsheets is continuing to grow in Europe. We are committed to supporting European retailers as they bring more of our products into their stores,” said Lopez. Stewart added, “the quality and beauty of our new crops is second to none and having sold out of two shipments is a testament to our sales team and the quality of our products”.

For more information about Sportsheets, call a sales representative at 1-714-698-0877 or email at

Sportsheets International has helped ordinary couples find new pleasure and explore new positions together with specialized “relationship tools” since 1993, when The Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet sexual positioning and restraint system broke into the market. All of the company’s brands individually and collectively support its goal of Keeping Couples Connected!”

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