Success For Evil Angel Lies In Director-Talent Relationships

By on April 17, 2015
Evil Angel

VAN NUYS, Calif.- Evil Angel, home to the most highly awarded, influential and groundbreaking performers and directors in adult entertainment, has built a reputation over the years as an industry leader thanks to one-of-a-kind hard-core content, dazzling onscreen visuals and directors with innate understanding of their star subjects.

Evil Angel’s outstanding lineup of talented directors attributes its success to the company’s efforts to nurture unique relationships between themselves and performers, creating a trusting atmosphere to get the most out of their talent.

“The intimate nature of sex makes its artistic portrayal highly influenced by the creator of the art. I have selected the directors at Evil primarily by how I see them influence the heat of the scenes they direct,” says company founder John Stagliano. “The atmosphere on a set is evident in the final results of the video.

“Our directors know the primary thing is to get real, intimate sex. That is our company ethic — Joey (Silvera), me, Rocco (Siffredi), John Leslie, Bruce Seven, we all discussed our mission. We loved porn and wanted to make it better, with the level of reality of the sex being the paramount value.”

According to director Kevin Moore, “The reason Evil Angel is special is due to the directors having complete control over our vision of what porn should be. We own our movies and, in turn, have creative control over every aspect of production. It is up to us to decide whom we cast, what we shoot, how the content is edited and even how the final box cover looks.”

Moore continues, “There is no other company in the industry that gives the directors that type of control. It is completely unique. While we do have that control, Evil Angel has put in place an impressive staff that works hard to make our vision successful and the brand strong, allowing us to distribute our content over a wide spectrum of physical media, Internet, VOD and broadcast. This creates a synergy that is unparalleled, and one of the many reasons why Evil Angel is the best and strongest brand in adult entertainment.”

Founded in 1989 as a way for Stagliano to distribute his own movies with the artistic freedom to explore ideas burning inside him, Evil Angel since then has grown beyond its own wildest expectations, and the company’s standing as an innovator in a crowded field of competitors is no small feat.

“We connected with fans,” says Stagliano. “Never underestimate the power of reality and sex.”

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