SVAKOM Continues to Seek Out Innovation Through its Connexion Series

By on March 22, 2022

“One of the primary features for all products within the Connexion Series is the interactivity.” A SVAKOM rep said. “Whether it be connecting to the SVAKOM app for remote or long-distance control, or syncing with Cam platforms, the Connexion series offers a wide variety of options for users looking to try something new”.

FeelXVideos feature videos, including the newly launched “Gay Content” fully compatible with both Sam Neo and Alex Neo.

“We are really happy with the progress that has been made with interactive videos and content, more and more platforms are offering interactivity at higher and higher qualities” the rep continued. “We are excited by the prospects offered by FeelXVideos, which now features both male & female, and male & male content compatible with Alex Neo and Sam Neo”.

FeelXVideos features a 30-day-free-trial for all new members interested in trying interactive content.

“SVAKOM is excited to see what further improvements can be made in the world of interactive content, especially in unison with the development of adult toys.

FeelxVideos can be reached here or through the SVAKOM Connexion Series website here.

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