SVAKOM Reports Successful China Adult-Care Expo

By on May 9, 2019
Shanghai Fair

Shanghai – The event unspooled April 26-28 in Shanghai. The SVAKOM booth was designed to showcase the concept of “caring, elegant, fashionable and intelligent,” a rep said.

“The SVAKOM booth was set up right next to the main hallway. We designed this booth with lots of special elements. The main poster was our very first product in our Marine series — Nymph. We also made a big Nymph sculpture that sat in the middle of the bar. The bar allowed clients and customers to relax and have a quality conversation with our staff. Lots of ocean-blue and white designs made the booth unlike the others.”

In addition to launching the Marine series, which includes the Siren vibe, SVAKOM introduced the Iris, a clitoral and G-spot vibrator with three oval rings on a soft head. The company also touted a “pre-launch introduction” of the Timo that sports “a very cute appearance that looks like a sperm whale.”

Their expo experience was an “astonishingly” positive experience.

“SVAKOM crews were all fulfilled with excitement and productivity,” said the rep. “We gathered up our clients from all over the world, met many new clients and friends. We have also held our SVAKOM party and a lovely appreciation gala in Shanghai that made this trip even better. Thank you to this magical city and this opportunity it has provided us. We will see you again soon, Shanghai!”


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