SVAKOM Won the ‘Luxury Toy Line of the Year 2017’ in the Asia Adult Expo

By on September 7, 2017

The Asia Adult Expo featured SVAKOM, which is a premier brand based in the USA and it received the aforementioned award in the event. The entity is known for its innovative and varied products and has recently introduced a few new items. These are called ‘Cookie’ and ‘Candy” and the same can be perused at Apart from these, ‘Hedy’ is yet another item that garnered interest in Hong Kong.
The expo mentioned earlier is a reputable and famous one and there are many Companies from around Asia that wish to be a part of it. Getting an invite to the expo and winning an award are considered to be quite encouraging. SVAKOM got a chance to showcase its products in a platform that is ideal. Their intelligent designs and rechargeable goods are known for quality and safety.
SVAKOM is an entity that is based on the needs of women and there are many items of interest which have been included here. They are believed to have been designed by experts and are known for their effectiveness. Whether it is the shape, the size or the variations in them, there has been a lot of thought given to the final product as a whole, according to the spokesperson of the Company.
Sales Manager for European Market Mr. Carl Malmberg said, “SVAKOM’s Hedy got special recognition during this event. We offered “Hedy” gift boxes to every visitor. During the Expo, a number of people showed interest in the latest items that we had introduced. There were many prospective clients who shared that they would check the choices available on the site and make the most of the offers being given. We have received a number of awards for our products and services and the details of the same have been mentioned on our website.”
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