Swan Brand Makes Record Breaking Push into China

By on September 30, 2015

TORONTO, Canada, – As part of a marketing initiative to educate potential and current Swan customers in the Chinese market, representatives from the Swan Collection have been on the road the past few weeks.

From Northern China to Southern China, Swan is flourishing in the region that loves a great brand with great marketing. Simply put, China loves Swan and the sales prove it.

Retailers love the brand so much that they are taking it upon themselves to market the brand so aggressively in their stores that it looks like a Swan boutique. Representatives from the brand have been going around to halls and conference centres holding seminars for hundreds of employees to properly educate them about the brand.

Swan began as a dream for Steve Bannister, creator and President of Swan. Before he introduced it to the world, there didn’t exist a product that featured 2 independently controlled motors enclosed in a 100% silicone finish. As unheard of as it was, working with the right manufacturers and the infrastructure that was already in place in China allowed him to turn this engineering feat into a reality.

With an eye for design and a luxurious, sophisticated marketing approach the brand has propelled itself into what it has become today – a worldwide success in nearly every continent around the globe.

To see more pictures from the Swan Road Show 2015 or for more information on Swan, visit www.swanvibes.com.

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