Swan’s Most Successful AdultEx Show

By on May 9, 2016

TORONTO, Canada, – With the completion of AdultEx this past week at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, Australia, Swan has returned to its head offices in Toronto, Canada reporting incredible success.

Swan showcased the newest array of PowerBullet products, including the new instant success, Swan Squeeze, as well as PalmPower, and the Special Edition Swan collection.

Swan Squeeze was the star of the show. Featuring technology entirely new to Swan, each product in this collection are touch responsive. The more the user squeezes, the stronger the vibrations get. Alternatively, loosening the grip will bring the vibration strength down. This intuitive way of interacting with the user allows for an incredibly customizable play session. Since Swan Squeeze is virtually seamless silicone, it can be used in either hand held or hands free ways, and even lock at certain vibration speeds If desired.

Over the course of the show, Swan representatives met with many Australian customers – existing and new alike who praised how well built and intuitive to use the Swan Squeeze vibrators are.

Bryan, who has been working in the industry for 30 years says, “Swan Squeeze represents to me a most intuitive, innate, responsive and effective means of providing variable vibration and by its nature, pleasure. […] The engineering has been perfected, and the simplicity of the concept brought to realisation with what must have been many visits to the drawing board. Ingenious and refreshing.”

The PalmPower – which is already a known top selling wand massager with substantial power and is available in either a corded or a rechargeable version, was also on display. PalmPower Attachments, a series of 8 different attachments (9 including original replacement heads), work with both PalmPower models to completely change or enhance the way a customer interacts with the massager.

One of the newer products in the Swan catalogue is the Swan Special Edition. The new purple collection (not available in North America) features 8 designs based on Swan’s best-sellers along with completely new features. Each Swan Special Edition offers independently controlled vibrations, 7 different vibration patterns new to the Swan Collection with ‘Press & Hold’ incremental speed controls still available, and are all waterproof and fully rechargeable. As always, the new Swan products also feature Swan’s virtually seamless 100% silicone finish.

Another honour this year, the Swan Wand was nominated as “Most Innovative Female Product” alongside some of the industry’s best.

For more information on each product, please follow the links below.

Swan Special Edition & Swan Squeeze: www.swanvibes.com
PalmPower & PalmPower Recharge: www.palmpower.ca
BMS Factory: www.bmsfactory.com

Interactive displays for all of the aforementioned brands are available, please ask your distributor for further details.



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