The Happy pjur Go for Gold Winners

By on May 10, 2015
pjur gold

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, On May 5, we held the third draw for the pjur Go for Gold winners in the United States, Europe and Australia. This time, the winners of our b2b competition were the shops Bossy in Poland, Patricia’s Erotic Boutique in the United States and Good Vibrations (Adult Erotica) in Australia. And Katie from Minnesota (USA), Volkmar from Steinbach (Germany) and Jessica from Perth (Australia) are the lucky winners of a 20-gram gold bar.

We also have fabulous pictures of our delighted previous winners:
Mark Lawrence, Store Operations and Purchasing Manager at Clonezone in Britain, was thrilled with his b2b win: “We’ve always been huge fans of pjur at Clonezone. Many thanks for the incredible party pack, we look forward to exploring the taste(s) of Germany!”
And Teresa, Shop Manager at Naughty But Nice in Australia, was also delighted with her party package: “We are delighted to have won the competition and looking forward to our proper German Party with all of all of our staff. It’s going to be a huge night and thanks to pjur for all the prizes.”
Rocky, Sales Manager at Pride Factory in the United States, won a gift certificate worth 1,000 US dollars in the b2b raffle: “pjur has been one of our best brands for 10 years, and we’re still impressed by the quality of the products. That’s why we’re even more excited about the great prize!”

The b2c winners were also thrilled and grateful for the gold bars, “I am so happy! I will protect this gold piece because it is the most precious prize I have ever won. It will be my lucky charm! I never thought that I could be so lucky to win such a great thing. But now I believe that everything is possible! Thank You so much!”, said winner Violeta from Lithuania.
Jennifer from Adelaide, Australia was equally pleased: “It was so unexpected to win the gold bar from pjur, it is paying for my truck license! I had heard great reviews from friends about pjur lubricants, so I tried and loved them. And I won a gold bar – simply awesome!”
Vanessa from Australia won one of the extra gold bars at the AdultEx: “WOW! It was amazing to attend the raffle and win a Gold Bar. Thank you to pjur for such an awesome prize”

As we’ve seen: the pjur group is delighting its customers this year. If you’d also like to be one of the lucky winners, sign up at and

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