The Mini Swan Pawn

By on March 23, 2021

Pursuing your pleasure has taken on a whole new meaning – The Mini Swan Pawn is the ultimate clitoral vibrator that fits right in the palm of your hand, and is the newest addition to the Swan family. 

The award-winning Swan brand is known for its full silicone products, and the Pawn fits right in with its seamless silicone design that has never felt so soft. Apart from being incredibly smooth to the touch, the high-end material ensures easy cleaning and hygienic benefits for an overall body-safe experience.

The handle forms into a compact round sphere that sends intense vibrations to all your areas that need attention, with incremental speed control which allows you to find the vibration speed that is perfect for you.

The perfect size for on-the-go adventures, the Mini Pawn is also fully equipped with a travel lock for remaining discreet when tucked away in your luggage, as well as USB rechargeable so it can be ready whenever you are.

With incremental speed control, full silicone, and a size that is perfect for any occasion, the Mini Swan Pawn is more than ready to pursue your pleasure.

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