The Screaming O Completes Round 3 of Independent Product Material Verification

By on March 18, 2016

LOS ANGELES – The Screaming O has completed its latest round of product materials testing, this time consisting of its newest True Silicone™, ABS plastic, and opaque SEBS. Using the services of Polymer Solutions, the new materials underwent The Screaming O’s now signature three-step testing process customized to determine material authenticity, non-toxicity, and body-safety. The company is proud to report that its True Silicone, bright ABS plastic, and opaque SEBS passed all three tests with confidence.

The Screaming O’s True Silicone can be found in a range of new products, including the soft-and-stretchy RingO Pro collection of silicone penis bands, while its colorful ABS plastic is featured in the company’s now record-setting Vooom Bullets, new mini vibes featuring a low-pitch rumbling motor. The Screaming O’s new opaque and tinted SEBS is featured in the Screaming O Sport high-performance vibrating ring, which debuted earlier this year to rave reviews.

As part of its commitment to customers, retailers and consumers of all kinds, The Screaming O has contracted this independent laboratory and a separate third-party verifier to maintain regular testing of each material in its catalog. In addition to securing consumer trust, this testing initiative also sparked an evidence-based conversation regarding the safety and quality of its affordable materials.

Previous testing phases confirmed that The Screaming O’s popular clear and peach-colored SEBS, colorful silicone, and original ABS plastic were authentic, body-safe and non-toxic.

“We stand by the quality of every item in our catalog and data like that from Polymer Solutions gives our customers just one more reason to trust The Screaming O and its product line,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “The Screaming O makes important marketing and development decisions based on evidence and experience, which includes maintaining regular materials testing phases. We only use materials that are proven and verified to be body-safe and it’s a commitment we take very seriously.”

The Screaming O also uses a universal labeling system that features icons that quickly and clearly inform shoppers of what each product is made of. The Screaming O also encourages retailers and customers to adjust their own marketing copy to ensure that their descriptions accurately represent the brand’s products to the shopping public.

For more information about the lab testing or The Screaming O’s product line, please contact Aumann at

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