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By on January 4, 2016

From the Untamed Bush through the Martini, Landing Strip, Brazilian, Vajazzle and back to the Bush (‘Trimmed’ these days thanks to self-confessed au naturel fans Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow), fashions in pubic hairstyle have always moved with the times. And with continuously evolving personal grooming comes a whole range of ever-competitive topiary tamers unleashed onto the market, which is why it makes perfect sense that a sex toy manufacturer such as BMS would invest in updating its own intimate shaver.

So here we have the latest All-in-One Ultimate dry shaver from the BMS’s Swan subsidiary, incorporating (deep breath) a Storage Stand, Main Trimmer, Stencil Trimmer, Finishing Head, Mini cleaning brush and Precision Trimmer Comb with two length settings, Stencil Pack, essential batteries (yay!) and the all-important travel bag (double-yay!). This is an ambitious package aiming to have all angles covered: from eyebrows to toes, no stray hair should be safe from these tools.

Let’s start with the Main Trimmer: the first stop for all body hair, it helps tame and trim if your armpit, leg hair or lady garden has grown out of hand. Next, there’s the Finishing Head to get your skin super-smooth – well, as long as you remember Swan’s suggestion of using baby powder, which absorbs all the clammy and natural stickiness of your skin leaving a soft dry surface to work on. You also need to employ your ears for this one: if you can still hear hair being sheared that means you’ve still got some shaving left to do.

The Precision Trimmer Comb has two separate length settings for accurate use on the face such as eyebrow taming, as well as the smaller, more intimate spaces (ahem…). Moving quickly onto the fun part: the Stencil Trimmer. Along with the eleven rather ambitious sticker ‘stencils’ featuring humorous designs such as a heart, cherries, a peace sign and a swan (obvs), the idea is that you attach the shape to your skin and shave around it. No matter your skillset, the Stencil Trimmer works well contouring the hair into some kind of cohesive outline – it may just not be your chosen shape (in which case, practice makes perfect, so better luck next time)!

Although it’s billed as ‘Designed for women, can be used by both’ there is actually a slightly different male-orientated version of the Ultimate that’s graphite instead of white and pink, and contains a beard trimmer with differing length settings. This brings me onto the drawbacks of the female version: it would have been useful to have more grading options as sometimes you want your pubic area tidy rather than bare, and it’s nice to have the choice of simple length settings 0-1-2-3-4 like I have on my Wahl lady shaver. If you have Afro hair you may find the Ultimate doesn’t deal with tight curls very well – again, more grading to shave down gradually would have helped this issue. Meanwhile, if you use the Ultimate for your legs, you may find you need to invest heavily in batteries until you get a good base maintenance level going. Likewise, try the Stencil Trimmer in short bursts as it gets really hot to the touch, and burns to the pubic area are no fun (although underarm star shapes are)!

Comfortable to hold, Swan’s Ultimate Shaver may not be waterproof but it is a fundamentally useful bit of kit for all genders. That said, personally I would purchase the male-orientated version over the women’s one. Either way, Swan’s Ultimate Shaver is the perfect present for yourself and/ or a partner for Valentine’s Day. And who said romance was dead…


Mia More, Editor www.cliterati.co.uk

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