Wet is Deemed an Essential Business by Nevada Governor

By on April 28, 2020

Las Vegas, NV – During these unprecedented times, our perseverance over COVID-19 depends on our commitment to each other and our communities. Our predominant priority is the health and safety of our partners, customers, and team members.

Trigg Laboratories, Inc., the parent company of Wet Lubricants, has been deemed an Essential Business due to our categorization under Logistics & Supply Chain Operations. We have been actively monitoring the health guidelines released by the CDC, Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada, and the federal government. You can trust that we are dedicated to exceeding these standards. As a result, we have enacted the following new business practices to ensure the safety of all and to continue to serve you without interruption:

1. Before entering our facilities, all employees are temperature checked. Should anyone have a fever, they will be sent home and prohibited from returning to work until a doctor has given written permission.
2. All employees are required to wear gloves, face masks, and face shields at all times when in the building.
3. All employees have been provided with antibacterial antiviral cleaners and are required to clean their workspaces regularly throughout the day.
4. Additional sanitation staff have been added to address high contact touched areas in the facilities. They rotate continuously throughout the entire day.
5. Additional signage with CDC guidelines have been posted throughout our buildings to reinforce these high standards.
6. All break times have been staggered to minimize staff in common areas. The entire laboratory has been reorganized to allow for social distancing requirements.
7. All interior doors that can remain open within safety standards must remain propped open to further limit repeated touching.
“We will continue to enhance Wet customer’s intimacy, while keeping safe and healthy. Therefore, we took decisive action and immediately implemented a two-part plan. One, to minimize exposure risk to all employees. Two, to keep production and business operations running smoothly, ensuring that our products continue to be ready to ship to all Distributors and Retailers” Said Michael Trigg, CEO and Founder of Trigg Laboratories, Inc.

Amid this pandemic, our manufacturing pushes on with these regulations in place to keep Wet products available. Our Customer Service and Sales Representatives are here to address your needs, as we adjust to these challenging times. Should you need to reorder WET products, please contact your preferred Distributor or Trigg Laboratories at 866.901.6285.

During these unprecedented times, we are privileged to continue our support to adult distributors and retail partners. We look forward to the day when we all return to normalcy and the adult market is flourishing once again.


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