Womanizer and hepster Launch The First Sex Toy Insurance in the World

By on February 26, 2019

Berlin, DE – Two companies, as different as could be: one represents sensuality and luxury, whilst the other handles insurance topics like protection against loss or damages. But how does the saying go? Opposites attract.

From now on, women in Germany can purchase a Womanizer and insure it at the same time – thus protecting against any contingencies that may not be covered by the warranty. Available in Germany from February 23, 2019.

The Rostock-based insurtech hepster has developed the first sex toy insurance in the world. This means that customers purchasing a Womanizer now have the option to also buy comprehensive and carefree insurance for only 20 euros per year. The policy works like the now-widespread cell phone insurance. The sex toy insurance comes in handy for cases of damage, destruction and theft. For example, this includes improper handling and operating errors like the use of the wrong lubricant, which is protected against, just like falls and breakage.

Germany is acting as the test market. If success follows, then a global launch will be the second step. The concept “The idea for sex toy insurance came to us when one of our colleagues told us about the unfortunate end to her surfing vacation. On the last evening of her trip, she and her friends were celebrating with another group of girls in her hotel room. Once everybody had left, she realized someone had stolen her Womanizer. At first this made us all laugh, but after looking closer, we saw an obvious problem had been revealed. Even when the Womanizer is covered by the warranty against damages, a protection against unforeseen issues like theft is missing. The loss of an item can hurt a lot, especially with sex toys, which often sit in a mid to high price range.

So, with that came the idea of the first insurance for sex toys in the world.” – Hanna Bachmann, Co-founder of hepster, on the collaboration. “We often have customers write to us, whose Womanizers have met an unfortunate end through external, often bizarre, incidents – for example, chewed up by a dog. All of these cases were not covered by the warranty. We had already been considering the integration of insurance-based protections.

When hepster got in contact with us, we were enthusiastic about the idea and the chance to work together. That was the birth of our sex toy insurance.” – Johanna Rief, Head of Communications at Womanizer.

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