Xgen Invites Retailers to Participate in First Annual Apparel Display Contest

By on September 10, 2019

Horsham, PA – With the sexiest holiday of the year upon us, Halloween, and retail stores hammering to create exciting displays, Xgen Products is upping the stakes with a fun incentive. Retailers are now invited to compete for cash and prizes by creating in-store displays featuring Xgen Products’ apparel and accessories lines.

Displays may feature any or all products from Baci Lingerie, Envy Menswear, LapDance Lingerie, Pleasure Wigs, Superheroes, Fundies, Latex Wear, Teacher’s Pet, Cheeks Denim, VIP Collection, DC and Holiday Curves. To participate, retailers must first create an engaging, attention-getting, in-store display, then photograph their masterpiece from one or more angles, and finally, submit this photographic evidence to their Xgen sales representative by email. Photos will be accepted for consideration between Wednesday, September 11, and Friday, October 11.

The best display, as voted on by the entire Xgen Products’ staff, will win a catered lunch for the entire store and all its employees, along with individual $25 VISA gift cards for all participating staff members (with a maximum number of gift cards not to exceed 10).

Xgen Products President Andy Green is looking forward to seeing the entries. He says, “the best relationships are built on engagement, a sharing of information and gratitude. This contest provides an eye-catching display to attract customers and the additional incentive to win cash and prizes for the retailer’s efforts. There are tons of items to choose from and we can’t wait to see everyone’s creative spirit at work.”

Displays should include apparel and accessories only.

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