Melinda Deseta – Resident Sex Therapist – Xgen Products

By on January 14, 2021

With the adult toy and sexual wellness landscape everchanging and becoming more mainstream, Xgen Products has tapped Melinda DeSeta to be their ‘Resident Sex Therapist.’

“It’s my goal to introduce clients, and my followers on social media, to sex toys, and sexy products that I believe are the best in the industry in terms of quality and ingenuity,” said DeSeta. “That is why I love Xgen and all their brands. These products allow me to find ways to help people live a satisfying, rewarding and healthy sex life.”

Melinda DeSeta is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist and the founder of Insight Counseling Center Miami, a boutique mental health therapy practice that focuses on intimacy, sex, relationships, and self-discovery.

“Xgen is excited to have Melinda as a part of the team,” said Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “Melinda is on the forefront of sex therapy and will be a valuable resource for us and our partners to lean on for insights.”

As Xgen’s ‘Resident Sex Therapist,’ DeSeta will be the go-to consumer voice for brands like Bodywand, Maliboo Vibes, The Rabbit Company and more.

“In my practice, clients come to me with a myriad of issues that need attention. Often, I find it necessary to help them find a healthy sex practice and discover their sexuality in ways that feel comfortable,” added DeSeta.

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