Ying Wong – Founder V Spot Shanghai

By on January 11, 2018

In the last year of my previous position in a corporate job, I started feeling that I did not want to climb the corporate ladder, as I could not find any inspiring jobs at the top. I started thinking about what I really wanted to do and achieve, and realized that I really wanted to give women in China a voice about their sexuality. So, after thinking long and hard about it, and getting my family’s support, I quit my job and started the V Spot.

A typical day
As the founder, I have to be involved in everything, from merchandising to store sales to e-commerce planning to marketing…so there’s really no typical day for me. The only routine I have is that I have to walk my dog twice a day so that he gets some fun time.

The most significant influence in my working career was/is
My first job after grad school was in consulting, so I’ve seen a lot in terms of how companies work, how very talented people work. So I’ve had quite a lot of influences, and it’s hard to pinpoint only one or two significant one(s). I’d say that the most Inspiring lesson I’ve learned is: set a lofty goal, and then do anything and everything you can to find a way to get there. Don’t ever say something’s impossible.

I’m most proud of
My parents. They are old school Chinese academics, and they have been so supportive of me throughout my journey, despite how conservative the culture here is. My mom, in particular has been a great source of encouragement. When I told her I wanted to open a sex toy shop, she said to me: “Ying, that’s a great idea. Most women in my generation had no idea what orgasm is. Help them.” I take that as my mandate.

One of the most memorable moments was
When a customer sent me a message telling me that she wished there was a store like the V Spot when she was growing up.

Last book I read
Between a dog and a new store, I have had no time to read! But the book that I’ve been struggling to finish off (struggling as in trying to find time) is Midnight’s Children.

Favourite movie/TV show
Ghost in the Shell, Game of Thrones…hard to name them all

What I wanted to be when I was growing up
A novelist

What would most people not know about me
That I’m an introvert?

My favourite place
My bed!

When I’m not working I’d rather be doing
Reading, dancing, snowboarding, hiking, drinking…

What I like best about my job
Everything! I love my job. I love that there are so many possibilities and directions that we can go. The future is endless.

If I could change one thing
I wish I could have more hours in the day?

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