Berman Innovations Introduces POP Lube

By on August 17, 2017

Berman Innovations unveils its newest offering, the silicone hybrid POP Lube. A collaborative product with premier personal lubricant manufacturer Sliquid, POP Lube is formulated with a thinner consistency, created specifically for use with its groundbreaking, patented ejaculating dildo, POPDildo™.

“I have been a longtime fan of the Sliquid team and their products, so it’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them,” says Berman Innovations President and Founder Stephanie Berman. “Since quality and safety are of the utmost importance to me and my product offerings, Sliquid was the perfect fit for this collaboration. I love what we have created, and think it will be an incredible and luxurious add-on to the POPDildo™ line!”

“I first learned of POPDildo™ / The Semenette® a few years ago, when a close friend and her partner were trying to conceive,” says Sliquid Founder Dean Elliot. “Shortly after the birth of their adorable baby girl, a few other folks in my life were having babies of their own, due to using POPDildo™! Stephanie has created an incredible device – it’s so much more than a sex toy, it’s truly a ‘baby maker,’ and I’ve been impressed since Day One. When Stephanie reached out to co-brand with Sliquid, we jumped in without hesitation!”

The semen-like formulation of POP Lube starts with purified water and plant cellulose, and is blended with 12% pharmaceutical-grade silicone as well as creamy emollient esters, which results in a luxurious and creamy glide. POP Lube has the easy-to-clean-up characteristics of most water-based lubricants, with the added longevity of a silicone product. The added emollients help to create a soft, padded texture, which naturally moisturizes the user’s most delicate and intimate areas. POP Lube is always glycerine- and paraben-free, and is perfect for couples and for solo use. POP Lube is ideal both inside and outside the POPDildo™, and can be used with most other toys.

POP Lube is now available to the public for $14.99 for a 4.2oz bottle. To purchase, visit

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