POPDildo™ at Good Vibrations Booth at Dyke March During SF Pride This Weekend

By on June 21, 2017

Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman will be showcasing POPDildo™ at the Good Vibrations booth during the upcoming San Francisco Dyke March Saturday, June 24. Held during SF Pride this weekend, Dyke March strengthens an international perspective, advocates on issues against oppression, racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty.

“This is my first time attending SF Pride and the Dyke March, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!” says Berman. “I’m honored Good Vibrations has invited me to be a part of their booth, to showcase POPDildo™ and to share in the camaraderie of this day. It’s going to be a day filled with fun – and tons of sex positivity!”

Visitors are invited to stop by the Good Vibrations booth, located at 19th Street and Dolores Street in Dolores Park, where they may meet Berman and play a carnival-style game using the innovative sex toy. Players of the tongue-in-cheek “POPDildo™ Squirting Game,” which involves shooting down plastic “eggs” with fake “cum,” will all receive a complimentary POPDildo™ Pride Bracelet, as well as enter a raffle to win additional POPDildo™-branded merchandise. Good Vibrations will also have other prize-based activities for those who come by the booth; the fun starts at 11am PST.

“We are such huge fans of POPDildo™ by The Semenette®!” says Good Vibrations Director of Purchasing Product Development, Coyote Amrich. “Not just for the original concept of this product being for insemination, but in the way Stephanie understood how various communities could benefit from her unique design. She took something very specific, and personal, and saw the broader impact her design could have. This inclusivity and vision matches our own ethos, and therefore, is a perfect fit.”

Amrich adds, “Good Vibrations has been a part of our communities’ Pride events for decades – we are excited to bring Stephanie in to be a part of it too, and in such a fun way! We will once again be featuring our ‘Wheel of Pleasure’ at our booth, in addition to the POPDildo™ game, where people can spin to win various prizes. This year, they will also be featuring a unique & exclusive gift bag – we invite everyone to stop by!”

Good Vibrations, a premier sex positive retailer taking pride in providing trusted information, quality pleasure products, sex-positive books, and more, now offers the groundbreaking, patented ejaculating dildo in an exclusive custom color – Ultramarine – both online and in all of its brick-and-mortar stores. The color will not be offered through any other retailers, nor on the POPDildo™ website. To purchase POPDildo™ at Good Vibrations, in its custom Ultramarine and all other colors, as well as Refill Kits, visit http://www.goodvibes.com/s/sex-toys/p/GV14558/fun-factory/pop-ejaculating-dildo. POPDildo™ is also available at Good Vibrations’ brick-and-mortar retail stores in its four San Francisco locations, its stores in Berkeley, Oakland, and Palo Alto, its Camouflage store in Santa Cruz, and its Boston-area stores in Brookline and Cambridge.

North American retailers interested in carrying POPDildo™ may email contact Kim@Entrenue.com to place their orders. European retailers interested in carrying POPDildo™ may email kai.gruenenwald@funfactory.com to place their orders. Australian, New Zealand, and Tasmanian retailers interested in carrying POPDildo™ may email contact Rose@SugarAndSas.com to place their orders. All other international retailers and distributors interested in carrying POPDildo™ may email Stephanie@TheSemenette.com.

Both The Semenette® and POPDildo™ are made of premium medical-grade silicone, and are non-toxic and phthalate-free. For more information, visit http://POPDildo.com.

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