POPDildo Featured & Reviewed in Broadly

By on September 4, 2017

Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman, and her patented invention, POPDildo™, are featured in Broadly this week. Broadly is Vice.com’s feminist wing, sharing real, provocative, and political stories which affect women’s lives.

“Prior to writing this article, I had zero interactions with dildos,” writes Broadly columnist Maria Yagoa in her piece, “I Tried an Ejaculating Dildo and Learned a Lot More Than I Expected.” “As a cisgender, heterosexual lady who isn’t as kinky as you’d expect a sex columnist to be, I’ve never felt the need for a substitute…As so few things are in the world of sex toys, [POPDildo] is actually quite beautiful…I realized I had been reflexively heteronormative.” Yagoda’s article goes on to cover Berman’s invention’s use in other communities, including fantasy play, a discussion about POPDildo™ with trans dominatrix Sadie Synn, and a personal review from using the toy solo.

“I want to thank Maria for being so open-minded and adventurous enough to try out our POPDildo™, and to Broadly for sharing this with their readers,” says Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman. “A lot of the focus in my other interviews have been about my personal story of conceiving with POP, so it’s great to see our toy showcased in a different perspective – through the eyes of Maria and other wonderful people, who represent other groups who love using POP. One of the goals when launching POPDildo™ was to highlight the various utilizations of the toy for other communities, and this article does that perfectly!”

To read Yagoda’s article and review of POPDildo™ in Broadly in full, click here.

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