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Consumers have a plethora of choices to discover when it comes to condoms in Australia. In addition to the standard condom, there are a huge range of additional fun textures, colours and flavours!

Condoms are available that glow in the dark, that are black, that are ribbed and studded, or even lubricated with menthol for extra sensation!

Flavoured condoms are also popular in adult retail. New Four Seasons NAKED Flavours come with chocolate, strawberry, banana and even bubblegum. Ansell LifeStyles® Party™ includes exciting variants such as the first to market Snake condom and Tutti Frutti!


Condoms generally come in either a regular or an ultrathin format. Ultrathin formats are popular because they are the closest to wearing nothing , while still being protected. In the Four Seasons range, this is the Four Seasons NAKED range. Ansell, founded in Melbourne in 1905 by condom mogul Eric Ansell, produces Zero®, part of the LifeStyles premium range and touted as Australia’s thinnest condom made from natural rubber latex. At the other end of the spectrum, some individuals prefer an extra strength condom. Extra strength condoms offer extra protection for those who want it or even for those who want to delay their climax.


A condom that is the correct fit and size is a critical factor to both increasing the safety – and pleasure experienced with condoms.

“It’s important to be educated on the different sizes of condoms. And just like a medium in one clothing brand is different to a medium in another, a large in one condom brand is different to a large in another brand,” says Dianne Phan, Brand Manager of Four Seasons Condoms.

Condom sizes are generally measured by width, not length – which is a common misconception.

“Four Seasons larger fitting condom is 60mm in width, which is the largest in the Australian market among the major brands. It comes in the regular Four Seasons range, as well as the ultrathin Four Seasons NAKED range.” Comparatively, Four Seasons NAKED Classic condom is 54mm wide, and Naked Closer condom is 49mm wide.

“Also, every pack of Four Seasons Condoms comes with a handy ruler and shows the difference between the different condom sizes, which some adult retailers have found a useful tool to educate their customers on the sizes,” states Phan.


Tested not tried

Individual condoms are electronically tested for safety and reliability. Every condom receives an electrical current that rejects the condom if the current leaks (through even a micro-fine hole). This is in addition to a range of other batch tests which are also conducted.

Latex or not

Latex condoms are generally made in countries where rubber plantations are plentiful – because latex is best used fresh for a high quality condom.

Although natural rubber latex condoms are still very popular, there is a clear trend towards polyisoprene non-latex condoms and away from natural latex The Ansell SKYN® range of polyisoprene condoms is currently the world’s #1 polyisoprene condom, states Hayley Allen, Marketing Manager at Ansell.

SKYN condoms are made from a scientifically formulated non-latex material that provides a softer, more natural skin-to-skin feeling. SKYN delivers the strength of premium latex, with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom. SKYN is also a suitable choice for those with known or suspected allergy to latex.

The SKYN range is currently available in four different varieties, Original, Large, Intense Feel, and Extra Lubricated. SKYN Original, the closest thing to wearing nothing™, SKYN Large is larger and longer than SKYN Original for extra comfort, SKYN Intense Feel is the world’s first textured polyisoprene condom and SKYN Extra Lubricated has 40% more long lasting ultra-smooth lubricant.

Ansell predict non-latex condoms will continue to grow the category in Australia and there will be a shift in users from natural rubber latex to polyisoprene.

Suggestions to increase sales:

Ensure the top / core selling products are available in store as brand is the top purchase driver in this segment.

Dual locate condom products where possible, for example on the shelf and near the counter.

A counter unit containing the top selling Personal Care range would maximise sales, or a clipstrip or hangsell unit near the front counter. Ansell recommend you put one out during peak selling periods if you don’t have much space.

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