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By on December 7, 2014
Devine Toys Storage Options

As consumers accumulate more pleasure products over time, it’s a great idea to consider how and where to store them.  Discretion, aesthetics, security and price point are some of the key variables to be taken in to consideration.  Adult stores and sites are really the only practical option for consumers to purchase sensual storage items.

DevineToys was launched in 2003. Owner Nina Helms found a vacuum for securing sex toy collections and romance accessories other than the use of plastic bins, old shoe boxes, and bed side tables etc. DevineToys supply the storage category by designing a small collection of varying sizes, purposes and styles to meet the specific needs of storing sex toys and pleasure items – all in a stylish, sexually healthy and upscale manner.  DevineToys strives to empower people to celebrate their sexuality and to build stronger relationship bonds by helping them protect the investment they make in their toy & pleasure collections.  Studies show couples who have sex toys in their relationship have healthier bonds.

Nina loves the reverence, sophistication and celebration that ancient cultures (Japan, Greece, India etc.) had surrounding sexuality and their honest, open pursuit of pleasure. She wants to positively influence open-mindedness in individuals’ sexuality by making beautiful locking cases and fashionable bags for pleasure accessories. DevineToys successfully blends sophistication, design, functionality and mystery with sex toys and accessories to make the whole combination more tasteful and chic.

Storage is an important category for retailers to offer for a number of reasons. Storage is a great add on sale item to increase average sale per transaction.  It perfectly complements toy/lube/crop/cuff etc. purchase.  Some consumers require discretion or security for their pleasure products, and DevineToys solves that issue. Consumers are investing in their pleasure with many toys being upward of $50.00.  Keeping them safe and secure will prolong that investment.  Offering a selection of items that are varying in size, budget, style and functionality will appeal to a wider slice of a company’s consumers, increasing opportunity for a sale. Having storage demonstrates a business’ concern for customer’s sexual health and wellbeing.   It is another opportunity for a sales associate to engage the customer, build trust, establish a rapport and turn them into a loyal returning customer.

DevineToys sees 5 basic fundamentals to take into account when designing their items.

Consumer: Comfort level and type of sex play (novice to alternative lifestyles), budget, home or travel use; male, female, discretion or display and security.

Adult products:  Creating space for long, short, many shapes, bottles, chargers, batteries etc.

Aesthetic: Fashion trends, hardware design and finish, materials, texture and colours.

Functionality: Size, space distribution, hygiene, nature of and collection size.

Price: Quality and value for everyone from distributor to end user.

Most of the Devine storage range is available locally through Calvista, more at www.devinetoys.com.

BMS Factory provides a range of top selling lockable vibrator cases that practically sell themselves – they’re cute, they have an amazing price point, and they’re a sexy way to keep your sensual items secret from prying eyes.

Each case is built to last without sacrificing looks. The edges and corners are metal re-enforced with each side featuring a metallic finish colour of your choice. The keyless locking system, using wheel combinations, is secure and makes them perfect for multiple uses without the worry of lost keys.

The BMS Mini Lockable Vibrator Case will fit those small loose items such as rings, clamps and balls,  its  a cute 13.5cm long x  7cm wide x  5cm high and useful if you don’t have too much going on. Available in silver, pink, mauve finishes.

They offer a medium sized version, again lockable, this will fit most vibrators and some accessories coming in at 30.5 cm long x 10 cm wide x 10cm high. Available in silver, pink, mauve and black finishes.

The large Lockable Vibrator Cases from BMS offer the most flexible storage options in this series by far and will fit all your pleasure products, toys, lubes, cuffs and your favourite flogger. If you need more space then you are just plain greedy- in a good way! This beauty comes in at 38 cm long, 20 cm wide and 18 cm high and offers easy access to your goodies via a double door opening lid and an extra fold out inner compartment for any items you wish to keep separate.  Available in pink and black, with this range, again, also available from Calvista locally.




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