Everything You Want to Know About LUST by JOPEN

By on October 28, 2014

The world of pleasure toys is filled with so many buttons, functions and designs, it can make your head spin! Make no doubt about it, there is a lot to know when selling pleasure products.

This is especially true of the luxury items. It makes sense—a product with a higher price tag is going to have more features. If it’s going to stand out from the rest, it is naturally going to be more multifaceted and exquisite.

LUST, the premiere collection of pleasure products from JOPEN, is renowned for innovative products with ground-breaking designs and features that are incredibly contemporary. To answer questions that we commonly hear from retailers, the team at JOPEN put together a list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Why the fluttering petals?

A: Those petals are more than just pretty decorations that make the LUST L5 and L6 look like delicate flowers (though they are the prettiest sex toys on the market!). The finely crafted pleasure petals are so unique they have a patent-pending design. You can do a lot with those petals! When inserted vaginally, the petals tickle the labia. Move the toy around and let the petals dance on the clitoris. The petals are made to explore and where they go is only limited by the imagination. Insert them both, insert one, let both flutter externally—there are many ways to find pleasure with the LUST pleasure petals.

Q: So the L5 and L6 are only for vaginal play?

A: Nope, the L5 and L6 also make great beginner anal toys. Think about it, that bulbous design is perfect for the anus, and the quivering petals add a whole new dimension of sensation. As well, they act as a flange so the toy can go deep while playing safe. Incredibly flexible, the petals easily bend back as the bulb penetrates, and can be used to tickle the perineum.

Q: Are the L5 and L6 only for a woman’s body?

A: Not a chance! Either the L5 or L6 feel great when stroked along the penis. Those fluttering petals are also amazing at stimulating the nipples—on either her OR him, and men will love the potential for anal exploration just as much as the ladies.

Q: The L10 has an interesting design, but how is it supposed to be used?

A: The L10 is also very versatile. It has dual motors. The long end can be inserted while the control end rests either on the clitoris or the perineum. The L10 has five functions. When you hold the function button down, you increase the speed—that’s the amazing incremental speed control that makes many of the LUST products so unique.

Q: Which LUST items are anal toys?

A: The cool thing about LUST, is the incredible versatility of the products. The unique designs often have dual purposes. For example, there are several items that are ideal for either vaginal or anal play. In addition to the L5, L6 and L10, the L3.5, L4.5, L11, and L12 are great booty toys. Of course, if you use any toy for both vaginal and anal play, make sure the toy is thoroughly cleaned between uses.

Q: My LUST product doesn’t turn back on after charging, is it defective?

A: No, the LUST products have a safety feature and they automatically lock after charging. You wouldn’t want your toy to accidently start vibrating while it is being charged. After charging, simply press both buttons down simultaneously and wait for the lights to go off. If the product has one button, then just quickly press the button three times to unlock the unit.

Q: What else sets LUST apart from the other luxury products on the market?

A: All LUST by JOPEN products have a one year warranty, so distributors, retailers, and the consumer can all buy with confidence. They are waterproof, come with a USB charging cord which helps make them environmentally-friendly, and are made with body-safe silicone. Some of the outstanding features include incremental speed control, dual motors, fast charging times, and intense power.

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