Coquette Debuts Latest Masquerade Collection

By on February 23, 2015
Coquette Masquerade

Cambridge, Ontario. — Coquette officially released its 2015 Masquerade collection at the Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans earlier this month.

The annual trade show plays host to industry experts in adult and children’s costumes, accessories, props, makeup and decorations. While exhibiting at the show Coquette met with buyers to show off the 2015 Masquerade Collection of sexy adult costumes.

“The show was the perfect opportunity for us to show the new line of costumes and release our catalog,” said national sales manager Dave George. “We received positive feedback on the line and are eager to head into a year with Halloween falling on a Saturday.”

Coquette says it changed up its costume design this year and is returning to its sexy roots. The 2015 line consists of wet look pieces, masks and gloves, role-play pieces, and some new but traditionally themed costumes such as a school girl and nurse.

“This year we want to go back to what Coquette has done very well in the past – sexy, revealing costumes,” senior designer Elaine Carson said. “We of course looked at trends, and included more wet look which is extremely popular right now, and are offering more accessories like masks and gloves to add a perfect addition to any outfit.”

The 2015 Masquerade Collection will be available in August. To view the collection, visit the Coquette website,

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