Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Hogtie Kit- Pipedream

By on October 28, 2014

When something bills itself as ‘heavy duty’, we’re sure as hell not afraid to put it through its paces. After a rigorous two months of testing and little indication of damage, there is no doubt that The Heavy Duty Hogtie Kit certainly lives up to its name.
Included in the kit is four buckle fastening cuffs for wrists and ankles and a central X-shape connector, with a sturdy metal ring in the centre. Attached to that are four spring-loaded clips, which attach to the cuffs. Although the kit as a whole is not heavy and the cuffs are made from soft nylon and are padded inside, what makes this set heavy duty is the sturdiness of the metal X connector. Unlike some other bondage positioning kits, the Heavy Duty Hogtie Kit doesn’t have any joining breaks in any of the metal components. This means the central metal ring and clips are solid shapes. No matter how hard you tug, wriggle and pull (and trust me, my willing co-tester and I tried pretty hard), there’s no worry that the metal will give way, bend out of shape or snap. That is what makes the Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Hogtie Kit so, well, heavy duty.
As much as we’d all love to be able to spend the time creating an elaborate and beautiful hogtie set up using ropes, sometimes the heat of the moment and lack of Shibari skills means it’s just not possible. Credit to the Heavy Duty Hogtie Kit as it means you can enjoy this very pleasing bondage position with minimal fuss.
If you’re not feeling especially flexible then you don’t have to do the traditional hogtie position of lying on your front with wrists to ankles behind the back. Draw inspiration from the images on the boxed packaging and try kneeling positions, doggy-style (your derrière will be forced into the air), or missionary positions.
All of the cuffs are the same size, again another great time-saving element as there’s no faffing around with trying to figure out which are for ankles and which for wrists. As mentioned the cuffs are fastened using buckles rather than Velcro. Each measures between 6 to 10.5 inches, so they’re big enough, or small enough, for men and women. If you have super small wrists (myself included) and not even the tightest fastening hole fits, don’t despair. The straps on the cuffs are made from webbing material and it’s really easy to push the buckle pin through any part of this to create your own hole. Alternatively, if you have a set of cuffs already that you prefer, find more comfortable or are a better fit, then use those. As the Fetish Fantasy cuffs are detachable from the rest of the set, it means you’re not limited to using them.
For a quick bondage fix, this set really is excellent. It’s easy to use, doesn’t break the bank and provides brilliant restraint in an array of positions, so even the most bratty of submissives will be held securely in place.

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