Giro d’Italia Race Passes by Shots Headquarters

By on April 30, 2016

The Giro d´Italia is one of the biggest cycling competitions in the world and is organized every year since 1909, (except for World War I and II). The contestants have to face 21 stages over 23 days and they will need all the support they can get!

With this in mind Shots is organizing a party at their offices offering great views of the event and giving their guests a great opportunity to watch the contest from a comfortable and fun environment. Danny, one of Shots’s employees, will function for the day as DJ, hitting the decks for some great tunes, and rumors are going round that there will be a “surprise”-act to give the party an extra boost! For the whole of the afternoon drinks will be poured and “Bitterballen” (the ultimate Dutch delicatessen) will be served!

The Giro will pass the SHOTS premises on the second day of the competition meaning that the contestants will still be fresh and in top condition. They start in Arnhem with the “sign-up” and then a warm-up will follow in the center around the “Kerkplein” and then crossing the big “Gelredome” stadium. From there they will go to the north side of the “Nederrijn” where the organization will wave the flag to officially start the second day of the tour. This usually leads to an amazing sprint forming the lead group of the day. From Arnhem the competition will come through various villages like Oosterbeek, Hoenderloo, Ede, Rhenen and Tiel before they will reach Beneden-Leeuwen. At that point the cyclists already have done 105km, with only 85km to go to the finish line!

The third day of the Giro will start from center of Nijmegen and being close to the Shots premises it would be an excellent opportunity to taste the atmosphere there as well!

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