JOYDIVISION Release AQUAglide Sensitive

By on October 29, 2015

Original AQUAglide has been building consumer confidence for 15 years. The lubricant gel brand AQUAglide is known for premium quality that is “Made in Germany”. With the new AQUAglide sensitive, JOYDIVISION international AG is now also tapping the target group that is particularly demanding and sensitive.

By way of invaluable, hydrating hyaluronic acid, the sensitive gel does not just ensure optimal, enduring lubrication properties during intercourse, but gives rise to nurturing qualities that are naturally derived. Without glycerin and parabens, the sensitive vaginal flora is gently nurtured and pampered with additional moisture.

The “moisture booster” that is “Made in Germany” is water-soluble, non-greasy and suitable for use with condoms. The valuable ingredients gently support natural moisture levels and leave behind a sensation of deeply-cared-for skin. When used regularly, the skin in the genital area becomes tangibly smoother. Skin irritations and unpleasant skin sensations are a thing of the past with AQUAglide sensitive.

Dermatological tests guarantee a particularly high level of skin compatibility. The pH value is optimally matched to that of the vagina. Furthermore, AQUAglide sensitive can be used with confidence both orally and anally. And the 125 ml bottle with its practical pump dispenser makes metering out the crystal-clear, odourless gel easy.

The vegan formulation also addresses the growing target group constituted by those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

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