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By on July 6, 2017

We’re always delighted to receive a product from German company Joy Division, not least because we never know what we might get: innovative sponge tampons, multi award-winning Joy Balls or perhaps another ground-breaking prostate massager?

This time we were sent one of Joy Division’s silicone vibrators from their brand new Intense range: the Sailor Intense. One of three Sailor colourways, ours came in a rich royal blue, with big undulating caterpillar ribs on two sides and the remaining surfaces smooth for easier insertion. It’s fun-looking and kinda cool all at once, especially when contrasted against its packaging: a sleek white storage box with a hidden magnetic clasp.

The rest of the Joystick Intense (and counterpart) Joystick Comfort catalogues are also quite spectacular: dildos in gorgeous bright hues vie for attention with silicone-patterned and eye-arresting ribbed vibrators. Stick them all in the same display case and you’d be in for a visual treat.

However, for the average shopper the dazzling array of toys might prove too much in terms of choice, especially when you consider there are two different ranges of seemingly identical items from which to choose: both the Joystick Comfort and Joystick Intense collections are available in the same Mini, Midi and Original sizes. But just how Intense is the newer Sailor? Might the Comfort Sailor suit you better?

As well as having the same dimensions, both claim to be made of 100% medical grade silicone, be whisper-quiet, waterproof, odourless, easy-to-clean, and they take the same AA batteries. Manufactured in Germany, all variations of Joysticks come with a confident 5 Year Material Guarantee.

This is where Joy Division’s excellent Customer Services come in handy: I called Hannover HQ and their representative was engaging, knowledgeable and spoke flawless English. He informed me that the Intense range comprises ten Vibration Modes in total, whereas the Comfort has but one mode in four different intensities (so, four Vibration Modes in all).

Thus the Joystick Sailor Intense may be sweet on the eye and gentle on the ear, but it’s much ballsier with regards to its buzz, having vibrations satisfyingly stronger than its predecessors at the same setting (I have the Comfort Fury vibrator for comparison). It’s hardly ‘Intense’ per se, but then I guess it’s all relative.

Along with the extra bit of oomph, the soft flexibility of the Joystick Sailor Intense exterior really does feel wonderful to the touch. Thankfully, the silicone’s fluff-attracting skills are somewhat mitigated by the thoughtful inclusion of a storage bag, while the sachet of water-based lube is a great gesture. It’s just a shame Joy Division didn’t see fit to include the batteries too!

The Comfort Joysticks and Intense Joysticks are well-constructed items with stunning exteriors that would benefit from ever-more enhanced internal components and their motors are certainly improving, If Joy Division offered a genuinely Intense upgrade (as well as a rechargeable option), no doubt their previously satisfied customers would return truly thrilled.

Reviews by Mia for Synergy Magazine

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