Review Xpander X4+ – JOYDIVISION

By on February 4, 2017

Joy Division offer a dizzying array of adult-orientated products, from sponge tampons and love eggs for women through silicone cock rings and performance enhancers for men, as well as unisex bondage kits and douche shower attachments. Having consulted closely with urologists and sexologists, one of the latest additions to their impressive catalogue is the Xpander series, a range of prostate-stimulators of which the German brand is rightly proud.

Comprising three different items, The Pioneer X2, The Specialist X3 and The Expert X4+, each prostate-massager is made up of the same essential ingredients. These include Silkomed, which is a material compatible with any lube – even silicone – and silver ions that lend the product an anti-bacterial quality. Additionally, all three Xs provide external perianal stimulation as well as manipulation of the all-important interior P-Spot. Finally, the signatures of this particular series are the ‘spokes’ visible in the insertable end of each Xpander. These enable the user to pinch it together making it easier to introduce the toy into the anus, whereby it eXpands back into shape nestling against the prostate gland. We were lucky enough to be sent the X4+ all-guns-blazing version, complete with bullet vibrator (X2 and X3 are entirely manual).

So what does the X4 feel like? Well, being too large for Fleshlights, Tengas and other masturbators, I find myself resorting to anal toys more than your average straight(ish) guy. So I have a fair share of comparisons to the Xpanders in my cupboard from brands as diverse as Nexus, as well as items from Fun Factory and Lelo. Like these, the X4+ does a more than adequate job at P-Stim, but where it beats its rivals is that its supple, expanding design means that not only is it a doddle to insert, making it perfect for beginners and Experts [sic!] alike, but it stays in place infinitely better than its counterparts meaning you’re able to enjoy that amazing full-feeling for as long as possible – and without resorting to the usual inflatable butt-plug. The Silkomed enables an entry as slickly as its name suggests, enhanced by being able to use the toy with my favourite silicone anal lube.

Personally, I felt that the standard bullet let down the X4 as it felt buzzy rather than throbby. Perhaps the answer would be a rechargeable version of the X4+, waterproof too, for shower fun and more thorough, immersive cleaning. The X4+ is easy to wash and I suggest finishing off the process with some generous squirts of Joy Division’s Clean ‘n’ Safe anti-bacterial spray.

The ten-year warranty that comes with the X2, X3 and X4 is testament to Joy Division’s confidence in the Xpander series. Vorsprung durch Bumfun!

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