JOYDIVISION Release easyANAL Relax Spray

By on October 20, 2015

Hanover, Germany, – The new easyANAL Relax-Spray from the house of JOYDIVISION ensures, as the name suggests, relaxed anal lovemaking. Anal sex requires a great deal of care and patience, and in combination with a relaxing spray solution, lovemaking partners can let go completely and simply give themselves up to enjoyment.

The intimate spray product easyANAL Relax-Spray supplements the popular easyANAL lubricant gel; this combination offers the ideal initiation into intensive and enduring experiences.

Thanks to high-quality ingredients, just two or three bursts of the spray can bring about a relaxed effect in a natural way. Furthermore, the spray nurtures the intimate area and makes it supple. easyANAL Relax-Spray for him and her is available in an attractive 30 ml spray bottle with outer packaging. The packaging builds confidence, and the association with the popular and well-known easyANAL lubricant gel is recognisable.

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