By on October 16, 2015

Hanover, – Anal stimulation has long been a taboo topic for heterosexual men. But all this changes with the new XPANDER stimulator from JOYDIVISION. The state-of-the-art sex toy with its specially designed shape helps stimulate the male equivalent of the female G-spot: The P-spot. What’s more, the XPANDER works in a really unique way unlike any other sex toy on the market, making it a breeze to insert. Thanks to its special technical design the XPANDER can be reduced to half its fully expanded size, allowing the stimulator to be inserted easily and safely. When in place, the XPANDER expands to its full size for stimulation The XPANDER will initially be available in three models: The X2 (RRP €49), perfect for beginners thanks to its size and ease of use, the X3 for advanced users, and the X4+ (RRP €89) which features an additional electronic vibration function. Virtually all models will be available in the sizes S, M, and L.


Most men think about women when it comes to anal sex. But the prostate is a highly erogenous zone, capable of producing intense orgasms when stimulated. The XPANDER was designed specifically to stimulate the prostate while being flexible and versatile at the same time. Made from high-quality Silikomed®, the XPANDER can be used with any lubricant and is 100% Made with Love in Germany. The XPANDER stimulates the male P-spot, the equivalent of the female G-spot. Incredibly, the vast majority of men have never experienced an orgasm through P-spot stimulation – one of the most intense and strongest orgasms there is.

Besides minimizing risk during insertion, its shape is also perfect for selective stimulation of specific points of the body. It can be used both for self-pleasure or for spicing things up between the sheets with a partner. “With the XPANDER, we’re targeting all men who are aware enough to want to heighten their feeling of pleasure with the help of adult toys. Sexual happiness is not a taboo, just like anal stimulation. The new XPANDER stimulator opens up a whole new world of pleasure”, says Oliver Redschlag, CEO JOYDIVISION.

The brand-new XPANDER combines an innovative product idea with maximum quality. This is why every XPANDER comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The three versions of the XPANDER – the X2, X3, and X4+ – are available to pre-order now at

Customers also receive the brand-new XPANDER VIP Card when purchasing an XPANDER, allowing them to take immediate advantage of exclusive premium benefits. The VIP Card provides customers with exclusive membership of the growing community which, among other things, will offer users their own forum starting this November where they can share opinions. In addition, VIP Card holders will, for example, be able to influence the development of future products by giving direct feedback to the manufacturer.

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