RealRock Goes to the Extreme!

By on May 20, 2016

Dildos as such have been playing an important role since the beginning of our industry. They date back to the late 16th century, but the world’s oldest known dildo is twenty centimeters long, made of silt stone and approximately 30.000 years old! In those days it didn’t even remotely look like a penis or any other body part but recent models are very difficult to distinguish from the real thing!

The RealRock brand has a large range of realistic dildos which are designed to look and feel just like the real deal. The new release is mainly putting its focus on those who like it a little bit “rougher”. Even the tiniest dildo in this new line-up measures an impressing 12 inch and they go up all the way to 15,5 inch! Not extreme enough? There are also the new Fist- or Hand-shaped dildos featuring realistic fingers and knuckles for ultimate pleasure.

All these products are being created out of high-quality rubber, which gives them a firm and realistic feel. As a signature feature for all RealRock products they all come with a rock solid suction cup at the bottom, which will stick to nearly any surface and allowing to turn almost any spot into a RealRock fantasy word!

The packaging of this line-up is slightly different than the other RealRock products as they all come in clam shells. In this way it makes the products highly visible in stores but still they will match with the other RealRock packaging giving it a unified look. These huge dildos only come in a non-vibrating version in the colors Skin and Black.

RealRock is also coming with an upgraded version of the first release, adding translucent versions of both the vibrating and non-vibrating designs. These translucent designs come in the same packaging as the original Skin and Black versions but with a different (grey) color.

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