Review – Elegance Flex – SHOTS

By on August 14, 2019

We do enjoy an original sex toy, and Shots have delivered an absolute blinder with their Elegance Flex, which we were sent in a gorgeous bold red.

The Flex is a double-ended dildo with an 8000rpm motor embedded in each end. To put this into context, the two settings on the original Hitatchi Magic Wand only clocked in at 4000rpm at the lowest and 6000rpm at its highest. No wonder Shots have named their ‘new generation’ motor model the F1! Indeed, Flex boasts twice the power of its legendary predecessor, twice over. Hurrah!

The Elegance Flex is so flexible that you can bend it into a U shape for simultaneous vaginal and anal use. To achieve this appealing double-trouble experience, you might like to follow the aerobics-inspired mantra: ‘Squat and bounce, Ladies: Squat and bounce’! Thanks to its creative solo option, each Flex tip is shaped slightly differently: one features a pattern of tiny bumps, the other is mostly smooth to facilitate comfortable anal insertion.

Although it falls way short of the 30–45cm of a usual double-ended dildo, with a length of 21.5cm you can still use the Flex between partners – if you can get yourselves in the right position, that is. And there’s nothing like a game of sexual Twister to get up close and personal, amirite?!

Many double-ended dildos on the market are made from jelly materials, which have a strong scent, so we were relieved to read that the Flex was made of phthalate-free silicone. We were equally pleased to learn that in addition to being medical-grade silicone, the Flex was waterproof, thus ticking all the hygiene boxes for an anal toy. Of course, with these qualities it goes without saying that the Flex is an excellent toy for bath and shower play.

Fully charged after two hours, Shots’ Elegance Flex provides 60 minutes of play over 7 pulsation levels and 3 speed modes. Twice over! To enjoy alone or with a partner, all you have to do is apply lube. Double-ended = double the fun. Where do we sign?

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