Review Joyballs Secret Single – JOYDIVISION

By on September 28, 2016

Not only does German company JOYDIVISION reference a seminal British band thus automatically lending it the cachet of cool, it also offers an enviably impressive catalogue of adult products, many of which have won awards. Take for example their Joyballs Secret jiggle-ball range, recipients of the coveted RedDot Design Award and Universal Design Award among others.

Holding the Joyballs Secret Single you can see what the judges liked about this egg-shaped pelvic floor toner. It’s aesthetically pleasing in two-tone pink and black, and tangibly satisfying with a built-in removal loop to easily hook your finger through.

In practice, the Joyballs Secret Single is a great beginner’s Kegel toner, coming in with just a hint of weightiness at 45g. The Secret Single is less challenging to insert than its double-barreled sister, yet it still retains the same internal spec, comprising a free-roaming ball rolling around a sealed inner chamber.

Prolonged use of a Jiggle Ball can lead to enhanced orgasms and better bladder control, so it’s great for training the post-pregnancy pelvic floors as well as those women with less well-endowed male partners who need extra grip to feel stimulated (this works both ways!).

In terms of hygiene, rather than being flush the design of the Joyballs Secret range contains ridges and edges that will need due care. When wearing your Joyball away from home, we suggest slipping some antibacterial wipes into your handbag so that if needed you can return the ball to its storage pouch when you’re out and about (thank you JOYDIVISION for including a drawstring bag with this product).

JOYDIVISION’s Joyball Secrets are a fantastic way to tone up and have fun whilst doing so. If only all workouts were this pleasurable!

Mia More, Editor, for Synergy Magazine

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