Rob Novinger – CEO Channel 1 Releasing

By on December 21, 2016

In 1998 the LA foreclosure real estate market was drying up, my partner at the time was directing for a bondage company. We realized this is something different we can do. We met with Chi Chi LaRue and the rest is history.

A typical day
Up at 5AM talk to China, feed and walk the dogs, workout, head to office, deal with the office day, head home around 5PM, feed the dogs, walk them @ Runyon, binge watch something, talk to China, go to bed at 9PM. Repeat.

The most significant influence in my working career was/is
I have many.
My Dad is my biggest inspiration. He never stopped, I think he usually had 3 jobs simultaneously. Rick Ford who created All Worlds has always inspired me. Chi Chi LaRue made me care about this crazy biz. William Higgins, who created Catalina. Marty Tucker who got me into the toy business. My business partner Steven Walker inspires me daily. My unbelievable staff keeps me going.

I’m most proud of
This one always makes me laugh because I don’t feel like I ever do anything that is really important, I mean my god it is sex. But over the years I have had gay guys come up to me and thank me and tell me how much our movies and toys have inspired them to embrace their homosexuality.

One of the most memorable moments was
Assimilating the largest gay adult video library was a thrill, having it all stolen online was a bit of a buzz kill.

Last book I read
Oh god a diet book of course…well I do live in LA.

Favourite movie/TV show
So many…just saw Moonlight which is amazing. On the tube I am loving Better Things.

What I wanted to be when I was growing up
A Doctor. I was accepted into a 6-year medical school after high school. I attended for 3 long dreadful years. Finally, when the sight of blood was still making me sick I realized this just isn’t me!

What would most people not know about me
Loyal to a fault, sometimes to my own demise!

My favourite place
My bed. I love to go to bed early with my laptop, my remote, my dogs, my partner and a new documentary or series. The problem is I am usually asleep once I am horizontal!

When I’m not working I’d rather be doing
Poolside with my dogs, partner and a cocktail.

What I like best about my job
The community. The great thing about the novelty business is there is a lot more camaraderie amongst competitors. Something you really don’t find in the video biz.

If I could change one thing
Is there just one thing? Can we start with the most recent U.S. election?

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