Ruben Deitz and Oscar Heijnen Rewarded with Nominations for XBIZ Exec Awards

By on November 5, 2016

On the 11th of January 2017 the annual XBIZ Exec Awards take place at the Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles. This award show celebrates exceptional career achievements of known personalities within the industry. Nominees were selected based on a multitude of factors including leadership ability, business acumen, positive community influence, and overall career success as submitted by industry peers.

On the 31st of October the Nominees were announced to the public. Ruben Deitz from Shots America received a nomination in the category “Chief Executive of the Year” and Oscar Heijnen received a nomination in the “Businessman of the year” Award!

In order for them to win we need your help on voting for them! is a social media platform for people in the industry and they created a voting platform within their website. Please create an account here or login and go to the voting page. Please select the option “Retail Industry Nominees” and vote for Ruben Deitz in the category “Chief Executive of the Year” and Oscar Heijnen in the category “Businessman of the year”

Being nominated for such an amazing award is already an amazing honor and we would like to thank XBIZ and everybody that took the time to vote for us in the pre-nominations for this award.

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