10 Speed Remote Control Vibrating Egg – Shots

By on April 30, 2015
Shots remote egg

When it comes to making a really good egg, it seems that Shots Toys certainly have it cracked. The biggest draw to this toy is it’s wireless remote control which can work up to a distance of 20 metres. That’s right, we said 20 whole metres; easily one of the longest remote ranges offered on the market. That means if you hand the remote to your lover, they could be in the garden doing the weeding (or something) and still be pushing all the right buttons and be in total control of your pleasure while you’re in another part of the house. Or, if you’re playing together, or solo, it means your hands are free to wonder over yourself and your partner without having to hold anything in place.

If you’re especially daring wear it out in public keeping the remote in your pocket or bag using the handy key-chain attachment. Avoid really quiet places though as it’s not the most silent of toys and there’s only so long you can convince people that the vibrate mode on your phone is stuck.

It couldn’t be easier to use: pop two AAA batteries into the main egg (which are handily included) and insert into the vagina, using a drop or two of water-based lube if needed. Don’t worry about any little aerials or the risk of damaging any transmitters, as it’s safely sealed in tough plastic next to the batteries inside the toy.

Press the power button on the control to start the egg buzzing (batteries also included) then use the up and down arrows to scroll through the 10 delicious vibration functions, which range from soft to strong continuous buzzing, pulses and ascending waves.

Although it looks large, don’t let the size put you off as it’s actually super comfortable to wear thanks to it’s super silky smooth coating. To remove, gently pull on the soft plastic coated cord. Phthalate free and fully waterproof means it’s body safe and really easy to clean afterwards, making it one of the most hygienic toys we’ve tested too. All round, an eggcellent vibrator!

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