Shots Shock the Industry

By on November 2, 2017

ELECTROSHOCK is here to conquer the world and the impact it caused at the latest Erofame
trade fair has proven that we are on the right way!

Like most of our new brands, ELECTROSHOCK has completely been designed, developed and produced in-house at the Shots headquarters in the Netherlands Europe.

It all started with market research, followed by pencil and paper sketches. After that, 3D prints and of course prototypes followed, to finally give us 6 perfect designs.

Before going into production, all models passed through a variety of test panels to get the necessary feedback.
Most current electro products in the market are pretty hardcore, look aggressive and can give you a nasty shock if you are not careful.

SHOTS has found an apparent gap in the market whereby the ELECTROSHOCK products can function as a normal vibrator or toy, but can convert into electro-stimulation mode.

In this way the beginning clients can easily get on board by choosing position 1, of the possible 5, and slowly work their way up the stimulation ladder!

From beginners to experienced users, there is always a perfect mode to enjoy ELECTROSHOCK!
The 10-speed vibration mode on the toys can be individually regulated from the stimulation modes, giving an astounding 50 different setting possibilities!

The initial line-up consists of a rabbit vibrator, g-spot vibrator, butt plug and a prostate massager which are rechargeable and have 2 command buttons. Furthermore there are a, battery-powered, remote-controlled, cock ring with ball strap and electro-massage gloves. All toys are made of high-grade medical silicone and waterproof (not to be used in electro-mode).

The unimpaired design of these toys makes them an eye-catcher for every client and the ELECTROSHOCK logo in blue print foil will light up sales display as well as any internet page!

For shops, complimentary info-graphs and testers are included in the planogram shipment. For online shops introduction films, photos and banners are available.

SHOTS is convinced to, once again, have a winner in their hands! All the right factors are there: the concept, the product, the functions, the packaging, the POS and last, but by no means least, the very competitive pricing that allows the electro-stimulation beginner to step over that threshold!

The ELECTROSHOCK range will be in stock by mid-November and clients who haven’t placed their pre-order yet can always go to or contact their account manager.

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