SHOTS Smashes July Sales Record

By on August 12, 2019

The internationally renowned, adult toy company SHOTS, reports record-breaking sales for the month of July 2019!

With incredibly successful Sales Weeks in both the Netherlands and the USA, the company is growing from strength to strength. During these weeks, numerous new brands and products were introduced to the ever-expanding clientele.

The company has outdone itself once again this year with some spectacular events. The ‘VIP Gala’ evening on Thursday 18th at Varenhof, and the ‘SHOTS Party’ on Friday 19th, organised against the backdrop of the world-famous 4-Day Marches in Nijmegen. Add to that, exclusive performances by well-known artists and a five-star catering company, you have the ingredients for two phenomenal parties.

SHOTS is also very happy to announce that a substantial sum of money was raised during these events for their charities, and wants to thank all the generous contributors!

To achieve a successful ‘Sales Week’, all year round the Shots Teams on either side of the pond have to work their fingers to the bone! Spotting all the new trends within the relevant markets has resulted in the creation of new brands with original products, that will certainly add value to the expanding SHOTS range. Also, as a result of this, some existing brands have been further developed and improved.

One of the new and promising high-quality brands, which has already made a name for itself in the SHOTS catalogue, is DISCRETION. One of the most discreet toys in the world, due to the ingenious way of charging, this too promises to be another surefire hit for SHOTS !!

The toy’s case actually doubles up as a docking station so that it can be discreetly charged without any unwanted attention. In addition to this new method of charging, the DISCRETION toys are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone and are equipped with ultra-strong, whisper-quiet motors.

All toys are available in Black, Pink and Purple and come with a beautiful “diamond” finish at the base. The packaging shows off the ultra-sleek USP concept to the customer; the innovative built-in docking station.

As an added bonus free displays, testers and infographics are included in the purchase of these products. An extensive photo collection can also be downloaded from the SHOTS image bank. DISCRETION has already garnered numerous positive reactions during the Sales Weeks, which gives a good indication of a bright future for this new label.

After the successful introduction of the SHOTS Real-Life Dolls, three new models were introduced during the Sales Weeks. Justin, Sam and Katja joined this exciting doll collection with a promise of more to come. The Sam model in particular has drawn much attention as it is a gender-neutral doll, which leaves the choice of gender to the client. This novel idea was met with plenty of positivity and interest by the customers.

The successful ELECTROSHOCK brand has also been expanding its line-up with new items. The immediate best-sellers were the ELECTROSHOCK HANDCUFFS, the first cuffs of this kind on the market. The handcuffs come with an easy to use remote control which allows them to be operated from a distance. Made from PU leather, the handcuffs can be adjusted to 7 different sizes so they will fit most people.

After the resounding success of the first IRRESISTIBLE collection, a fifth toy has been added to the line-up. As the IRRESISTIBLE brand is currently the best-selling line from SHOTS, this new toy called DESIRABLE will definitely be a valued addition.
The DESIRABLE, like the other IRRESISTIBLE toys, has an ultra-strong, whisper-quiet motor with a selection of 10 vibration modes and 5 air wave modes. The flexible head will perfectly match the shape of any woman. This soft, flexible and water-resistant toy is made of medical-grade silicone and comes with a magnetic USB connection.

The exciting OUCH! brand has also been expanded considerably. OUCH! KITS and OUCH! PAIN have been added to the line-up. OUCH! Is focussing on the soft fetish bondage market and different items from various lines are interchangeable. Out of this, the OUCH! KITS line was established, combining various OUCH! products into different sets with high-quality items at the best possible price. A selection of exceptional artwork is now available for these kits.

OUCH! PAIN on the other hand, is specially designed for the experienced BDSM aficionado.
The line has been created in collaboration with experienced users and people who have an affinity with this sector, all resulting in high-quality gear at affordable prices!

The PUMPED brand has now conquered its own place on the market and PUMPED by SHOTS is here to stay! The extensive range has created products for every man from simple to high-tech. During the Sales Weeks PUMPED surprised everyone by introducing Female Pumps to the range! The female variety is available in friendly colours Rose gold and pink. A selection of impressive artwork is now also available for this beautiful new range.

And last, but by no means least, the REALROCK brand has been expanding again.
The first new line is called REALROCK ULTRA, made with avant-garde, dual-density silicone material. This means that SHOTS can now supply their customers with these high-tech dildos at PVC prices! The combination of silky smooth silicone skin on the outside and revolutionary double-sealed patented filling on the inside, was met with enthusiasm by customers during the Sales Weeks, making REALROCK ULTRA an instant hit!

The second new introduction was REALROCK SKIN. The dildos from this line are made of
high-quality TPE. As an extra Point Of Sale, every dildo comes with a free strap-on harness,
giving multiple user options to the buyers and all at an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Aside from all these fantastic brands and products, many other existing brands expanded their assortment, for example, GC, SHOTS TOYS, SONO and MANCAGE.

Furthermore many new import brands have entrusted SHOTS with their products.
They are now the new official distributor of ADRIAN LASTIC, HOT, COTR, BE VIBE, COWGIRL, LE WAND and SEVEN CREATIONS. The new releases of current brands like PIPEDREAM, DOC JOHNSON, PERFECT FIT and all their other imported brands are also available at SHOTS.

These incredible achievements have taken a mammoth amount of hard work over the last year and the entire SHOTS team has surpassed itself. They haven’t stopped here! They are still continuously searching for new trends and breakthroughs within the market to make next year’s ‘Sales Weeks’ even better. The avalanche of positive reactions and the record-breaking sales during these weeks was a much-deserved reward for the entire SHOTS family!

The future is bright, the future is SHOTS ;-))

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