SHOTS Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays

By on December 12, 2016

This year goes into the SHOTS history as one of the most successful ones and we would like to have a final look with you before we dive into 2017! The year couldn’t have started better for the company when in January Shots America won the XBIZ Award for Best New Pleasure Company of the Year. The bar was already set high and we just got started!

“Creating a million happy moments” is the SHOTS motto, and with all the new brands and products that have been designed and released during the year we were surely on the right way! In the beginning of the year the new brands SONO, RealRock and the award winning VIVE were shipped out for the first time, almost immediately selling out from their first stock ! And that was only the beginning! Almost 400 new toys were released and 6 new brands (JÌl, HIKY, RETRO, MJUZE, MJUZE, TARZAN) were introduced. To top it off an astonishing 650 exclusive private labels were designed and created by our own in-house design studio.

The year 2016 has been the time to create new partnerships for SHOTS and to celebrate several anniversaries of loyal employees. Account manager Ralf Albers celebrated his 15th anniversary with the company in style and account manager Hein Schouten did the same for his 5th anniversary! We also welcomed 3 well-known industry members into the company. Joost Hensen started as the New Business Development Manager for Shots Europe while Joey Teodoro became sales executive Canada/Eastern USA and Jason Miller was appointed as sale executive for Western USA, both expanding the sales force of SHOTS America significantly!

SHOTS is of course known worldwide when it comes to organizing great parties for their clients and 2016 has been no exception! It already started in March with the annual SHOTS International Poker Tournament causing some thrilling moments in our Dutch headquarters! In May, one of the biggest cycling competitions, the Giro D’Italia, passed the SHOTS offices and that was of course a good reason for another party! Sitting first row this was a great experience for our cycling aficionados, having the time of their life.

And then there was of course the holy grail of parties: The SHOTS Pré-Party and the SHOTS Party! Organized at the end of the in-house sales week and in conjunction with the famous 4-Day Marches of Nijmegen, this is always one of the highlights for the company and of course for our visitors from all over the world! As a fine tradition, together with its suppliers and loyal customers, SHOTS raised a record-breaking amount for charity again! This was also the start of the SHOTS Charity Foundation, giving more possibilities to donate the funds to various worldwide charities.

We hope that your year has been just as good or even better than ours, and that you have accomplished a lot of goals you set for yourself!

We would like to wish everybody Happy Holidays and hope to see you again in 2017!

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