SKYN® Millennial Survey Reveals Nearly 50% Sext At Least Once A Week

By on February 7, 2017

ISELIN, N.J., It is no surprise that technology has shaped and evolved millennials’ sex lives. A new survey from Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and the makers of LifeStyles® and SKYN® Condoms (“SKYN”) reveals that nearly 50% of millennials are regularly sexting and sharing naked photos.

Designed to analyze the habits, desires and preferences of sexually active millennials, the findings of the 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey highlights the alarming discovery that many millennials are overlooking mutual consent when it comes to sex and tech, with nearly 1/3 of respondents admitting they have shared a sexual photo without the subject’s permission.

“Most millennials grew up with cell phones as a part of their daily routine, making it understandable that technology has become an integral part of how they date and communicate with partners,” noted Emily Morse, Sexologist and Host of the “Sex with Emily” podcast. “Sexting can be seen as the modern day love letter, but when nude photos enter the equation, it can veer from harmless flirting to viral sharing. All millennials should be aware that any pictures they send out could end up in the wrong hands, and this data drives that point home.”
Some significant results from the survey that showcase how millennials are incorporating technology into their sex lives, include:

• Sexting Frequency: Compared to SKYN’s 2015 Sex Survey, more millennials have sexted, sent or received a naked picture, with 48% of millennials noting they sext at least once a week.
• Birthday Suits: Millennials are boldly displaying their birthday suits, with 42% of males noting they send naked pictures at least once per week, and 50% of males noting they receive naked pictures at least once per week.
• Sext Consent: Millennials are sharing sexual photos without the subject’s permission, with 30% of respondents saying they have shared a photo without the sender’s knowledge.
• SnapChat Savvy: Millennial males are more likely to share intimate pictures via SnapChat, with 53% of males sending pictures versus their female counterparts at 27%.
In addition to questions related to sex and tech, the 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey asked over 3,000 sexually active millennials across the U.S. detailed information about their sex lives, including favorite positions, occasions resulting in the most sex, orgasm frequency, bedroom confidence, and much more. Additional findings include:
• Twice as Nice: Multiple orgasms during a single sex session is the new normal amongst millennials. A staggering 48% of millennial males and 44% of millennial females report having two or more orgasms during a single sexual encounter.
• Sexual Empowerment: Millennial females are feeling more sexually empowered. More females have had one night stands and masturbation sessions than millennial males. Millennial females are using condoms more than ever before, with 48% reporting that they are incorporating condoms into their sex lives.
• Back Door is Open: An astounding 36% of millennials have female anal sex and 15% have male anal sex at least some of the time.
• Wrap It Up: Condom users are more sexually satisfied, have more sex, feel more confident in bed, and last longer during sex than non-condom users.
• Living Large: Of surveyed millennials, the average penis size is estimated to be 6.1 – 7 inches when fully aroused.
• Older and Wiser: Older millennials make up approximately half of the segment of those who use vibrators (44%), while 25-20 year olds make up 34% and 18-24 year olds 22%.
• Swipe Right: Tinder is the most popular dating application amongst millennials, with 23% of respondents reporting using the program.
• Apple A Day: Millennials identify “Doctor” and “Musician” as the sexiest professions to have, with 45% of respondents noting doctors and musicians following closely behind at 44%.

“Through our research, we are able to continuously uncover the sexual preferences, trends and desires of sexually active millennials, which allows us to better anticipate the needs of our core demographic and create products and tools to meet these needs,” says Carol Carrozza, VP of Marketing, North America for Ansell, the makers of LifeStyles and SKYN Condoms. “Millennials are seizing the new technologies of the digital era at a rapid pace, and at Ansell, we are committed to leading the way in embracing and developing new and improved products to enhance pleasure and better sexual health.”

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